How to add a subscription form to your bio link page

In the SendPulse bio link page builder, you can add a subscription form to collect data from bio link page visitors and subscribe them to campaigns or create deals with them.

Add a Form element

Drag a Form element from the left panel to the desired part of your template.

Select the mailing list you want to transfer your subscribers to.

Customize the form fields

Add new form fields or customize existing ones by clicking on the pencil icon.

Please note that the Email field is required — it can not be deleted.

Select a field type and enter a name for the field.

Enter a hint for the field in the placeholder.

Choose which variable to store the field value in.

Please note that the values ​​of all fields are passed to a variable of the String type.

The values for the fields Email and Phone are saved in the standard system variables — email and phone.

Check if the field is required. If the field is required, the users' data will not be sent until they fill in all the required fields.

Customize the form style

You can customize the text color of the field labels or hide them. You can also choose fields size.

Customize the button

Enter your text and select a style for the confirm and send button.

Create a CRM deal

You can also create a deal in CRM. To do this, activate the function Create deal in CRM, enter a name, select the pipeline, and the deal stage.

If you save a deal in CRM, you can associate a form field with a contact and deal fields.

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