How Much Does Bulk Email Cost

Prices vary from service to service. They depend on the maximum mailing list size and the features available. On average, the price for 2,000 subscribers starts at $27, 5,000 — starts at $47, 10,000 — starts at $69, 50,000 — starts at $253. Still, some bulk email services offer forever free pricing plans. Choose a platform that provides the best solutions for your business at the most reasonable price.

It's stated that for every $1 spent on email marketing brings a $38 ROI. Apart from additional income, this digital marketing channel allows you to develop long-lasting relationships with customers by sending segmented and relevant bulk email campaigns. Also, it contributes significantly to building brand awareness by increasing your outreach. These are the key reasons to give email marketing a chance.

Now let's discover how much bulk email costs.

Generally, the starting price depends on the mailing list size and the number of emails provided. Besides, beginners are always offered a free trial or even a full-fledged plan with the main instruments available at no charge. We’ve chosen the four most popular bulk email services to compare the prices.


The service allows you to send 15,000 emails to 500 subscribers totally for free every month. Prices start from $8 if you want to send unlimited emails to 500 subscribers using advanced features. For 3,000 subscribers, you’ll have to pay $32 for 10,000 subscribers — $61. Look at the prices below.

Prices for email service 


This marketing platform offers a free pricing plan which allows you to send 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers. Prices start at $10 if your subscriber base is up to 500 recipients, or you need more than 12,000 emails. For 3,000 subscribers, you’ll have to pay $50 for 10,000 subscribers — $75. Check out prices below for small and medium businesses.

MailChimp prices

Constant Contact

It doesn’t offer a free plan but provides users with one month of a free trial. The service charges for the number of addresses on a list. The prices start at $20 for 500 subscribers. For 3,000 subscribers, you’ll have to pay $65 per month for 10,000 — $95. Look at the pricing plans below.

Constant Contact prices 


The service doesn’t offer a free plan but allows you to try email marketing with a one-month free trial. It charges for the number of subscribers. The prices start at $15 if your mailing list has 1,000 subscribers. For 3,000 subscribers, you’ll need to pay $45 for 10,000 — $65.

GetResponse prices

So, the average starting price for sending bulk emails is $13. SendPulse offers the lowest prices compared to MailChimp, Constant Contact, and GetResponse. With our free plan, you can create high-performing email campaigns using pre-designed email templates, segmentation, personalization, and grow your mailing list with the help of customizable subscription forms. All you need is to register in the service.

Paying $7.88 per month, you can boost sales and customer engagement by automating your workflow. It’s called Automation 360. This instrument allows for nurturing every lead with a relevant email based on their behavior. Sales funnel stage, engagement, etc.
Bring your business to the next level with email marketing!

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