How to add an image to your website

In the SendPulse website builder, you can add the Image widget, edit it, and apply various effects to it.

In this article, you will learn how to customize your website images.

Upload an image

In the website builder, click Add a new widget, and select the Image element.

Click Choose file, and select or upload an image.

Here is what you can do with your image:

Edit Click the image icon.

Read more: How to edit images using the website builder.

Upload new Click the upload icon.
Settings Click the pencil icon. You can add text, links, and effects to your image.
Delete Click the trash can icon.

Adjust the image appearance

You can adjust your image width and height:

Scale Resizes the image based on the specified width in pixels while preserving the original image proportions.
Fill Resizes the image, filling the entire space of the block according to the specified height in pixels. The image proportions may change.

You can also add a border, shadow, rounding, and alignment to your image. Styles for the mobile version are synchronized and configured automatically. If you need to make specific adjustments for the mobile version, synchronization should be turned off.

To enable scroll animation, turn on the corresponding toggle.

Select your animation type, direction, and speed.

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Add image effects and attributes

Click the pencil icon to the right of your image to add attributes, text, links, or effects. You can include alternative text shown when your image fails to load and add links to other pages or resources so that users can get more information by clicking your image.

Add attributes

You can add alternative text that will be displayed instead of the image in cases when it fails to load. You can also add links so that clicking on the image will redirect to another resource and provide more information.

Add effects

To apply an effect to your image, turn on the Content over image toggle. Select a display condition:

Always Static effect display.
On hover Dynamic display upon hover.

Static effects

In the Overlay field, select an option:

Show text Adds overlay text to your image. You can also adjust your text size, capitalization, emphasis (bold or italic), text and background color, internal padding, and position.

Your text can be no longer than 100 characters.

Apply shape Crops your image into a shape.

Click Save.

Hover effects

In the Action field, select a dynamic on-hover display option:

Show on text Shows overlay text. You can also adjust your text size, capitalization, emphasis (bold or italic), text and background color, internal padding, and position.
Change image Replaces your image with the selected one.
Scale up Enlarges your image on hover.
Scale down Shrinks your image on hover.

Click Save.

Copy your element ID

Every image has an ID that distinguishes it on the page. With it, you can add styles and scripts, show pop-ups, and track events for this element.

To copy an ID, click it. To edit an ID, click the pencil icon.

Read more: Block and widget ID.

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