Automation Flow Statistics

Automation flow statistics help businesses analyze the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. With SendPulse, you can view your statistics by time, flow elements, and recipients. You can also export your automation flow statistics.

In this article, we will talk about how to view your automation flow statistics.

View Your Automation List

Go to the "Automations" section to view the list of created automations. You can also filter your automation list by the following criteria:

  • campaign name;
  • mailing list name;
  • status ("New automation," "Active," "Canceled," "All");
  • sender email;
  • sender name.

View Your Automation Statistics

The service collects statistics on every block of an automation flow. To see statistics, open an automation flow and switch to the “Statistics” tab.

On the “Statistics” tab you can see:

  • a chart of flow launches and completed series;
  • general statistics on message blocks (Email, Push, SMS);
  • detailed statistics on every flow block.

The flow blocks on the “Statistics” tab are displayed in the order they were added to the flow. If you edit the flow and add new blocks to it, the new blocks will be displayed at the end of the blocks list.

On clicking a flow block, a sidebar opens. In the sidebar, you can see information about the block settings, statistics and a list of contacts for whom the block has been launched.

Data Filter

You can view data for a certain period of time, select what flow blocks to show, and filter a list of recipients in a block sidebar.

By Time

On the “Statistics” tab, click Filter. Select the period you want to review the statistics for and click Ok.

After you apply the filter settings, the launches graph and message blocks for the specified period only will be displayed.

If you set a filter by time, it is applied on the “Statistics” tab and on a message block sidebar. That is, the list of the recipients in a block sidebar will be filtered according to the time settings specified on the statistics page.

By Flow Elements

Scroll down to the blocks list, open the “Show” drop-down list, and select what blocks to display from the available options.

By Recipient List

Select the "Email" element, and go to the "Recipient List" tab in the sidebar. Set the criteria in the filter, and click OK.

Data Export

You can export general statistics for an automation flow and a list of recipients for a separate block.

Automation Statistics

On the “Statistics” tab, apply any filter, either by time or by blocks or both. After that, the “Export” button will appear above the launches chart.

Click Export.

A CSV file will download on your device.

Recipient List

Select the “Email” element, go to the "Recipient List" tab in the sidebar, and click Export.

You can export data to a mailing list or to a file.

When exporting data to a mailing list, select a mailing list and click Export.

Only unique contacts are exported to a mailing list.

When exporting data to a file, select a file format.

You can export either all contacts from the list or unique contacts only. To export unique contacts only, select the “Only unique contacts” check box. Click Export.

If you want to export a list of recipients with additional information stored in variables, select the “Extended export” check box and click Export. An extended report is sent to an email address, your SendPulse account is registered to.

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