How to edit survey landing pages

SendPulse automatically generates landing pages for your surveys. Visitors can resubmit your form and share it on social media. You can customize your survey landing page based on your company's business goals.

In this article, you will learn how to edit and customize your survey landing page.

What is a survey landing page?

A survey landing page is a page where your website visitors can fill out a survey and share it with other users. This allows you to easily share your survey and collect valuable user feedback to improve the quality of your products or services.

How to customize your survey landing page

When creating a survey, you will receive a link to your automatically generated landing page.

This page will include the survey you created. You can add more information or elements to this page.

All changes you make to your survey landing page will not apply to the survey itself. To edit your survey, go to its settings.

View your survey landing page

You can view your survey landing page in Websites > Quiz sites. Click the dropdown menu to view statistics and edit, customize, or go to the page.

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Edit your survey landing page

In the dropdown menu, select the Edit option. This will redirect you to the landing page builder, where you can edit and customize your page.

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