Send data arrays in Automation-360

When there is a need to send an array of data to the customer, for instance, as a reminder about an abandoned cart or an offer to check out some products similar to those the client was looking at, use the "Structure" variable type.

Add a custom event or pick one from the pre-set events

Or edit an existing event using Email-Automations-Events manager menu 

Pick an event from the list and hit "Edit"

Add a "Structure" variable

Set up structured variables and click "Add"

Structured variables can transfer links with items' images.

This is how a data array (structure) of variables will look like in the email message editor:

Use the HTML-editor to insert images of the items: hit the "Insert/edit image" button, but instead of a link, insert a variable into the "Source" box. The variable will transfer the image link.

Besides that, there is another option to insert an image. This could be an image of an item you would like your customer to have a look at or any other image you have a web link to.
Open the template editor and click on the blue arrow to open the bottom part of the text editor:

Then click on the "Source code" icon:

This way you will open the source code editor, in which you need to insert <img src="{{item.string}}"/>, where {{item.string}} — is a variable, that will transfer  the image link:

This way you can insert an image, that was, for instance, transferred by the result of subscriber's actions with the newsletter: select "Change variable" as the action type, select the proper variable for the email list and add its value — image link

Variables from the mailing list can be used in the array if the mailing list is linked to the start of the automation flow.  
Other variables from the event can be used as well.

A variable name must start with a Latin letter and must consist of numerals and Latin characters only.
Intervals and special characters can't be used in variables' names. 

*Note that hyperlinks can't be transferred via structured variables.

To transfer an event to SendPulse, send data to a special URL:

To start the automation flow, send the event to the specified URL.
Note that the images won't be displayed when you save the template, but the recipient of the triggered email will see them.

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