Email campaign best practices

According to Radicati Group, there will be more than 4 billion (over half of the world population) email users by 2020. The 2018 report also showed that daily email traffic would steadily grow from approximately 239 billion in 2019 to 333 in 2022.

According to DMA’s Marketer Email Tracker report for 2018, 86% of respondents agree that email is still the main channel to a multichannel marketing strategy. To get the most out of email campaigns, follow these proven tips.

Segment your mailing list

Every subscriber on a mailing list has unique needs, preferences, behavior which affect their buying decisions. Therefore, a smart email marketer knows what their subscribers like. Ask new subscribers to fill out a user profile by adding a “Set preferences” link to the welcome email or include it into every email footer to better tailor marketing campaigns for them. Another source for this information is customer buying history, based on which you can reward your most loyal clients with unique offers or create an incentive for those who purchased once.

With a marketing platform like SendPulse that won’t cause you any difficulties. The service offers different criteria for segmentation to make the most out of this strategy. Follow this guide to send segmented email campaigns.

Chain Reaction Cycles provide each email with an eye-grabbing link to the email preference center where subscribers can update topics they’re interested in.

Link to the email preference center

After subscribers click the link, they’re redirected to the page where the brand explains why this information matters and offers to set preferences.

Email preference center

Maintain a clean mailing list

The importance of mailing list clean up cannot be overemphasized. Keep the email list free from fake addresses by using a double opt-in subscription method to collect the contacts of engaged users only. The best practice to maintain a healthy mailing list is providing each email with a visible and easy to tap unsubscribe button. If you forget to do that, an email service like SendPulse will insert the unsubscribe link automatically.

Uncommon Goods ad much white space around the unsubscribe button to let users opt out easily.

Unsubscribe link

Mind, that if you hide this button or make it too small to click, subscribers will mark your email as spam. That will do much worse damage to your sender reputation.

Personalize emails

Personalization can significantly boost any email campaign performance. Businesses that personalize their marketing emails get 11% higher open rates and 27% higher unique clicks than the ones that don’t do that. Start with personalizing your subject line. With SendPulse, you can insert any personal data about your clients into the subject or email body, so that subscribers will receive slightly different emails. Make use of a user’s name, gender, place of living, preferences, etc.

Duolingo sent this personalized email to users who had learned Italian three days in a row. The brand did that to keep clients engaged and show that customer success matters to them.

Personalized email

Start nurturing leads with an onboarding email series

Welcome emails have 4 times more opens and 5 times more clicks than other email marketing campaigns. The best practice is to send this email immediately after a user subscribes and tell recipients what to expect from the brand. Let subscribers know the benefits of working with you and supply them with educational content to provide a smooth start.

Check out how Grammarly introduce their features to new subscribers.

Onboarding email

Let subscribers choose email sending frequency

While it is good to send emails consistently, make sure recipients are not overwhelmed with too many emails. Here are some options for this purpose: you may allow users to set the frequency right in the subscription form, test different email sending frequencies, add an update preferences section to the email footer to let subscribers change the frequency whenever they want.

The FeedFeed allows users to choose how often they want to hear from the brand while subscribing.

Stick to inverted pyramid email design

Subscribers won’t read your emails from the first to the last word. So it becomes a real challenge to make them interested. We strongly recommend you to stick to a simple one-column layout, putting the most important information at the top of the email and a CTA at the bottom. That is a logical structure which slightly moves a user from getting aware to performing the desired action.

Bonobos make use of the inverted pyramid design in their email. They add much white space around the CTA which perfectly contrasts with the brand image above, leaving some space to breathe.

Inverted pyramid design

Tell stories

Storytelling is a powerful email marketing technique that helps humanize your interaction with subscribers. People love to communicate with people, not companies. Besides, stories allow brands to build strong emotional bonds with their audience, increase brand recognition and go personal. You may unveil some “behind-the-scenes-secrets”, share the history of your success or even uncover some failures. People value sincerity.

Check out how Chubbies have mastered their art of storytelling. The brand tells how modeling for Chubbies changed the lives of men. That’s kind of an interview in the email. This way, the company becomes closer to its audience.

Email storytelling

Find out how to tell a story in emails on our blog.

Measure your email campaign effectiveness

That is a must to improve your email marketing strategy. Email open rate indicates how great your subject line is, CTR shows whether you’ve managed to create a powerful message, unsubscribe rate signals about some problems. Realizing each metric in-depth, you will have a clear picture of your strategy. In SendPulse, you can track detailed stats after sending every email campaign.

Track email campaign performance

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