Unique clicks mean the number of times that a link in your email was clicked by individual users. The repeated clicks on links are not considered. Check out Click Map report in your SendPulse account to evaluate the performance of your content and offers.

Unique clicks

What you should know about the measure of unique clicks

  • The measure of unique clicks of the first newsletter will be much higher than unique clicks of the following newsletters, because subscribers open and read the newsletters with pleasure and curiosity after they recently signed up. After three or four mailings, you can expect a stabilization of the measure of average unique clicks.  
  • The unique click rate is usually lower in summer than in other seasons. That’s why it’s necessary to analyze the dynamics of the annual seasonality.
  • The unique click rate allows you to compare the results of email campaigns dedicated to different products or services and understand subscribers’ responses and attitudes to different lines of products.
  • The unique click rate shows you the subscribers’ reactions to changes in emails and content. In this case you can split-test mailings by dividing the mailing list into two parts. 
  • The unique click rate may be reduced if you send emails too often. Sending mailings once a week has to be a middle way for different business sectors.
  • An effective method to raise the unique click rate is to create really useful and relevant newsletters.

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