How to link your email and chatbot subscribers' data

If you use more than one channel to communicate with your users, you may like the option of linking email subscribers to your chatbot database. Your customers will be able to get relevant information in their emails, place orders, and receive more accurate answers to their questions in chatbots.

Link your email and chatbot subscribers' data in the settings

Go to the Email section and then to Service Settings > Other Settings. Select the Connect contacts of email and chatbot subscribers checkbox.

Start creating a campaign, and add chatbot links to your email body.

The service recognizes the following link formats:

  • Telegram:{{bot_name}}bot
  • Facebook:{{page_id}}

 where {{bot_name}} is a unique bot name (before bot in the end), and {{page_id}} is a link to your bot page.

Once you finish creating an email, the following link will automatically replace your Facebook chatbot URL in the template:{{page_id}}?ref=|email={{user_email}}, where {{user_email}} is your subscriber’s email.

Using the service, your Telegram chatbot URL will be converted to a link of the following format:{{bot_name}}bot?start=|email={{user_email}}.

The email variable of the email type will be created in the "Audience" of your chatbot to store subscribers' email addresses.

When users click your chatbot links, our system copies their email addresses to the Audience tab and creates a mailing list with all the email addresses you collected using chatbots in the Email tab.

You can also pass custom variables using your chatbot link.

Read more: How to transfer custom variables during a subscription to a chatbot.

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