Who are Unique Subscribers in the System

SendPulse allows you to send an unlimited amount of emails to your subscribers. The amount of subscribers is determined based on the pricing plan you choose.

For example, you can send 15,000 emails to 500 subscribers each month for free.

Select "Mailing lists" in your account menu and click the "The list of unique subscribers" button. You will see the list of subscribers you sent emails to in the current billing period.

The list of unique subscribers

The list of unique subscribers is updated each time when your pricing plan is activated or when your last payment is sent. The list is blank when a billing period is over, so you create a new list of unique subscribers when you choose your new pricing plan.

How to Recognize Unique Subscribers in the System

The total number of unique email addresses can not exceed the number defined by the pricing plan you choose.

The system recognizes every unique contact in the list of subscribers: 

  • When the first email campaign is sent to an email address, the system automatically adds this email address to the list of unique subscribers (if the limit of unique subscribers on the chosen pricing plan is not reached).
  • If you send emails to new subscribers and you’ve already reached the allowed number of unique subscribers, you can change the pricing plan to a higher one.
  • If you delete an email address from a mailing list, it is not removed from the list of unique subscribers.
  • If you send an email that is bigger than 1 Mb, unique subscribers are counted in a different way. For example, an email with the size 2 Mbyte is considered as two emails. So if you send an email that is 2 Mbyte to 500 subscribers, the system will count it as 1000 unique subscribers.
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