Agency Area

The agency area provides an opportunity to share access to other SendPulse accounts. It is opened at a user's request and is displayed on the side menu.

Agency area in the SendPulse menu

How it Works

You send a request to access an account of another SendPulse user → the user provides you with the access → you can enter the account and perform the same actions as the account owner. In this case, you enter the account of other users directly from the agency area in your account. You do not need to know the login and password for the user’s account.

How to Access the Agency Area

Agency area features are relevant for:

  • marketing agencies that send marketing campaigns on their customers' behalf via SendPulse;
  • marketing schools for shared access to their students' accounts.

To open the agency area in your account, apply to become a partner, and wait for a SendPulse representative to contact you.

How to Send an Account Access Request from the Agency Area

Open the agency area and click the "Invite a new user" button.

Invite a new user

You can invite both registered SendPulse users and new users.

Inviting A Registered SendPulse User

Enter the email address of a user you want to invite, and click "Send an invitation."

Inviting a registered SendPulse user

An email will be sent to the user's email address requesting access to his/her SendPulse account.

Inviting a User That is Not Registered with SendPulse

Enter an email address of a user you want to invite, and click "Send an invitation."

Fill in the additional fields and click "Send an invitation" again.

Inviting a user not registered in SendPulse

Pass the value of the "Password" field to the invited user. This is the password for his/her SendPulse account.

An email will be sent to the user's email address with a request to confirm registration and provide access to the account.

In the agency area, you can see a list of invited users.

The list of invited users

If a user confirms access to the account, you can see the balance and a tariff plan of this account.

To enter the user’s account from the list, click "Login."

To transfer money from your balance to the balance of another account, click "Top up," specify the amount and click "Add funds."

Users who do not confirm or revoke access to the account are displayed with the status "Awaiting confirmation."

To resubmit a request for access to an account, click "Request again."

To cancel the request for access to an account, click "Cancel." In this case, the user is removed from the list.

How to Revoke Access to an Account

Users who grant access to their accounts through the agency area can also revoke it.

Go to the settings of the account for which you shared the access.

Account settings

Open the "Security" tab. Click "Revoke access" in the "Access for an agency" line.

Revoke access for an agency

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