How to import WhatsApp subscribers

Available with a paid pricing plan, as well as during the 7-day free trial

You can upload your base of subscribers who have given you their preliminary consent to send them messages in accordance with the WhatsApp policy and send them campaigns according to an approved template or work with a contact according to a chatbot script.

How to import subscribers in SendPulse

Select your WhatsApp chatbot, go to the Audience tab, and click Import.

Сhoose the CSV file with your subscribers’ phone numbers. You can also upload contacts with variables to personalize messages.

In the file, each variable should be in a separate column, and each contact must be on a separate line. Columns with the headers phone and name are required.

Click Import.

After uploading your contacts, you can create campaigns by templates.

How to select data to import

When importing a CSV file with multiple columns, you can import specific columns and assign them to specific chatbot variables.

Once you upload the file, in the next window, select a variable for each column. If you don't need to add a column, select Do not import. If there is no variable, you can select Create variable and fill in the fields to create a variable in the dialog window.

Click Apply.

How to view the result

After uploading your contacts will be with the Subscribed user New status. Contact statuses will change after you send a campaign:

Subscribed The contact’s phone number is active for receiving mailings.
Unsubscribed The contact has unsubscribed from your WhatsApp bot.
Not Connected The contact's phone number is not connected to WhatsApp and cannot receive messages.
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