Troubleshooting checklist for connecting an Instagram and Facebook chatbot

If you're having issues connecting your Instagram chatbot or sending messages through the chatbot, follow these steps to make sure everything is set up correctly.

In this article, sections 1 through 9 can help you fix Instagram-related issues, and sections 5 through 9 will help you with Facebook-related issues.

Check Your Instagram Account Type

The connected Instagram account must be of the "Business" type.

To check in the Facebook page settings, go to the control panel of your company page to the "Settings"> "Instagram" tab and on the left, in the settings, there should not be "Switch" button under the "Connect business tools".

To check your account type in Instagram settings, go to the top left menu ☰ > “Settings and privacy,” and find the “For professionals” section. There should be a "Business tools and controls" button, and this section is located at the top of the list.

If you have a Personal account, the “For professionals” section will be at the end, and the button will be called “Account type and tools.” Click it, select the "Switch to Professional account" option. Select your company category and save your changes.

Read more about setting up a business account in the article "How to create an Instagram business account and how account types differ"

You can also have the "Professional: Creator" account type selected, then the “For professionals” section will be at the beginning, and the button will be called “Creator tools and controls.”

You need to click the button and switch to the business account.

The Instagram account you connect must be linked to your company's Facebook Page.

The location of the settings may differ depending on the Page version you are using (new Page or classic Page). Use the instructions for your version of the Page.

New Page

To check in your Facebook settings if your Instagram business account is linked to your Facebook Page in your Facebook settings, select necessary page.

Go to “Settings & Privacy” > “Settings” > “Linked Accounts” > “Instagram.”

You will see the name of your linked account, its username, and a link you can use to go to Instagram.

Check the "Allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox" toggle — it should be turned on.

To check in your Instagram settings if your business account is linked to your Facebook Page, go to "Settings" > "Professional Account."

For professional accounts, a business category must be selected.

In the Instagram app, you can check if your Facebook page is linked. To do this, click Edit Profile, and see if the page is linked in the “Page” field. If it is not, click Connect or Create > Continue, and select the Facebook page. Click Done.

Classic Page

To check in the Facebook page settings, go to the control panel of your brand’s page, in the "Settings" > "Instagram" tab, the required Instagram account should be displayed on the left in the settings.

To check in Instagram settings, go to the top left menu ☰> “Settings”> “Account”> “Publish to other applications” > “Facebook” and the desired Facebook page should be selected in the settings.

If you don't have a link or you linked the wrong page, go through the account linking process.

Read more "Link your Facebook page to your Instagram business account"

If you have several company pages on Facebook and you have linked each of them to a different Instagram business account, then when connecting the bot, you need to check one extra thing. Make sure you select the Facebook page associated with the Instagram account for which you want to connect the bot.

Check Permissions for Instagram Posts

In the connected Instagram account, you need to provide Facebook access to messages.

To check in Instagram settings, go to the top left menu ☰ > "Settings and privacy" > "Messages and story replies" > "Message controls." The option "Allow access to messages" must be active.

If the option is not active, activate it.

If you do not have this option, check the first and second troubleshooting steps first.

Also, check other privacy settings in the "Messages" tab.

If the settings are set to "Don't receive," like in the screenshot on the right, the bot will not work. Go to the settings and set "Requests," like the screenshot on the left.

Check Settings when Reconnecting a Bot

When connecting a chatbot, you can only use one Facebook profile. When you first connect, you specify which pages to create a bot for, and this data is transmitted to Facebook.

If, when reconnecting other pages on this profile, you click "Continue" at the second step of the connection, the connection wizard will close. You need to click the Edit settings button to select new pages to connect.

To delete a Facebook profile and add a new one, disable all Instagram bots and select a different profile when the bot connects.

Also, if you do not see updated information for your account, you can update access permissions. Go to the main page and click Manage bots. Select the desired page, and in the menu opposite it, click Refresh permissions. Then, re-login to Facebook. 

Check the User Role of the Personal Facebook Profile

A user who logs in through their Facebook profile when connecting a bot or when setting up a connection between accounts must be the administrator of the Facebook page.

To check the rights in the Facebook page settings, go to the control panel of your company page in the tab "Settings" > "Roles on the page." Under the "Existing Roles on Page" setting, under the username will be his role.

If the role is not "Administrator," click "Edit," and change the role.

Check the Granted Permissions in the Business Integrations Settings

When a chatbot is connected via SendPulse, in the brand's Facebook page settings in the Business Integration settings tab, the SendPulse application automatically appears with the necessary access to Facebook and Instagram pages. If you have multiple people on your team and may have changed settings, you can check the enabled permissions.

To check Facebook page permissions, in the up-right corner, click on the “down arrow” icon (with the “Account” prompt), go to the “Settings and privacy” tab > “Settings” > “Business integrations,” and select SendPulse from the list. Make sure there is a checkmark next to the desired Instagram page.

If there is no checkmark, check it.

Check the Handover Protocol

In your Facebook and Instagram settings, you can select third-party applications you want to provide access to. Sometimes chats with followers may not function properly in SendPulse because you have other services selected.

To check your Facebook page permissions, go to your business page settings in the "New version of pages" tab > "Advanced Messaging." In the "App settings" section next to "Instagram receiver," click Configure. In the dialog box, click Select, and select "SendPulse."

Check your conversation routing

The Conversation routing section shows the application to which Meta directs conversations. If the configuration specifies applications other than SendPulse, there may be issues with message delivery when a user navigates from an ad or link.

You can set the default app in your Facebook or Instagram page settings.

Go to your Facebook account in Settings > New Page Experience > Conversation routing. Select Messenger or Instagram in the left sidebar.

If you see other irrelevant applications, remove them. To do this, click Edit, and deactivate the third-party application, or select SendPulse instead of them.

Check your message source

Messages can also be sent through a third-party application, for example, Facebook Business Inbox. To limit messages from other applications, go to their settings, and disable automated replies.

To check who sent messages, open your chat, and hover over the message icon.

Read also: Message source.

If none of the following works, try reconnecting your bot.

See "Forced bot reconnection" to find out how to do this.

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