How to Send a Facebook Campaign

After you created a Facebook chatbot, you can send campaigns to your subscribers in it. In the "Messengers" section, click Create Campaign.

Create a chatbot campaign

Choose your Auditory

Select a bot from the drop-down list. To choose certain auditory, select the "Segment recipients" checkbox and specify the segmentation condition. Your campaign will be sent only to the subscribers who correspond to the specified condition.

Recipients segmentation

Write the Message Text

Add your message. To personalize a text message, click on the “{}” in the right corner of the text field and choose a variable from the drop-down menu. Each user will receive a message with a value of the given variable from their contact info in your auditory list.

Button options

Add a Button

Also you can add a button and a quick reply. 

For a button, you can specify a URL, a phone number, or bind an automated chatbot flow. Click on the button will trigger the corresponding action — redirecting to a website, calling the phone number, or sending the messages of the automated flow.

Button options

You can also add a quick reply and bind an automated chatbot flow to it. Click on the quick reply will launch the start of the flow.

A quick reply

Add additional elements

A chatbot can send in a message whatever Facebook Messenger does: text, picture, card (picture with a signature), files, request for contact data.

Message content types

Preview your campaign

Check the preview window on the right to see how the content of the message changes as you apply new settings.

The preview screen

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