SMTP operation speed

Every user wants their emails to go out instantly and doesn’t want to waste hours waiting for them all to be sent, but email providers have strict restrictions regarding the number of emails sent. In case you exceed, your account will be blocked for 24 hours without regard to the recipients who are not used to look for your emails in their spam folder.

SendPulse SMTP allows you to send out a large volume of mailings in a very short amount of time.

Limits for SendPulse SMTP Service

Emails/month Limits Domains Traffic IP
12,000 50/hour (400/day) 2 email addresses 300 Mb -
10,000 1,000/hour up to 5 domains 1 Gb -
25,000 2,500/hour up to 5 domains 2,5 Gb -
50,000 5,000/hour up to 5 domains 5 Gb -
100,000 8,000/hour unlimited 10 Gb +
200,000 10,000/hour unlimited 20 Gb +
300,000 15,000/hour unlimited 30 Gb +
500,000 20,000/hour unlimited 50 Gb +

There are no restrictions regarding the size of sent emails including the attachments.

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