Using SendPulse SMTP-server with MailPoet by WordPress

How to set up the SendPulse SMTP-server in MailPoet?

*Given that MailPoet is already installed in WordPress:

MailPoet is installed

Open the settings

Go to settings

Select the email delivery type

Open Send With menu and in Other box click Configure

Select email delivery type

Select an email delivery method

Method - SMTP 

Select an email delivery method

Specify the SMTP parameters

The necessary details available in your SendPulse account

Specify the SMTP parameters

Go to SMTP settings

Go to SMTP settings

You will see the necessary parameters there

Login and password

Go back to MailPoet settings

In Sending Frequency box select I'll set my own frequency, use # emails # boxes to specify the email sending speed (the speed may be limited by your subscription type - address SendPulse Customer Support for details);
In SMTP hostname menu enter SendPulse' smtp server:;
SMTP Port: 2525;
Login: your SendPulse SMTP account login; 
Password: your SendPulse SMTP account password;
Secure connection: select No - with port 2525 (or SSL encryption, if you go with port 465);
Authentication: select Yes.

MailPoet settings

Activate to save the settings

Save the settings

Make sure all the parameters are correct and send a test email to one of your own mailboxes - Send a test email.
*No need to set up SPF and DKIM records when SendPulse smtp server is used.

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