How to Integrate Google Calendar with the SendPulse CRM

You can integrate your CRM system with Google Calendar. This will allow you to add events from your calendar to a CRM task and vice versa so that your teammates do not miss important company events.

To integrate your CRM system with Google Calendar, you need to get a Google Calendar ID.

How to Get Your Google Calendar ID

Your Google Calendar ID is a unique code automatically generated in your Google Calendar settings.

Create a New Calendar

Google Calendar is available to anyone with a Google account.

Log in, open Google Calendar on your computer, and click Settings.

To connect the integration with CRM, you need to create a new Google Calendar.

Find the “Add calendar” field on the right, click Create new calendar, and fill in the fields. Click Create calendar.

Set Up Access

The created calendar will appear on the left. Click it, and go to "Calendar settings."

Click Add people and groups.

Each dashboard member can set up the integration in their SendPulse account. It is useful if, for example, your teammate wants to transfer events from their calendar to CRM and vice versa.

To set up the integration, enter your service account email address (, select the "Make changes and manage sharing" permission type, and click Send.

Copy Your Google Calendar ID

When you make the calendar available, your Google Calendar ID will appear in the "Integrate calendar" section. You need to copy your Google Calendar ID and paste it when integrating your CRM system with Google Calendar.

Your Google Calendar ID can only be obtained on a computer.

How to Set Up the Integration in SendPulse

In the "CRM" section, go to the "Integration" tab, and select "Google Calendar."

Paste Your Google Calendar ID

In the "Google Calendar ID" field, paste the copied Google Calendar ID.

Customize Your Integration

Select the pipeline from which you want to send events to the calendar and the person you want to assign to your Google Calendar events.

Enable the integration features for this pipeline.

Show events from Google Calendar in your pipeline This feature allows you to display your assigned teammate’s calendar events in the pipeline.
Show deals from your pipeline in Google Calendar This feature allows you to display your pipeline deals in your assigned teammate’s calendar.

Choose a board from which you want to add tasks to Google Calendar, and select to whom you want to assign tasks.

Next, set up your calendar and task board integration.

Show events from Google Calendar in your board This feature allows you to display your assigned teammate’s Google Calendar events in the task board.
Show tasks from your board in Google Calendar This feature allows you to display tasks in your assigned teammate’s Google Calendar.

Click Connect.

Check the Integration

If everything worked out, you will see "Google Calendar" in the list of active integrations.

Your data will be synchronized with Google Calendar only after you launch the integration. Events that were added to the calendar before the integration will not be saved to your CRM system.

When you start adding Google Calendar events, their total number will be displayed next to the board name with which your calendar is integrated. When you delete an event in Google Calendar, it will be automatically deleted from your CRM calendar and event counter.

Google Calendar events are saved to your CRM system once every 15 minutes.

How to Add an Event from Google Calendar to CRM

Create an event in Google Calendar, click it, and click the pencil icon.

In the settings, select the name of the calendar you integrated with your CRM system, and click Save.

The event will appear in your CRM board. Click a task to view details.

How to Add a Task to Google Calendar

When a task is assigned to a teammate who has an integrated Google Calendar, it will automatically appear in their calendar.

They will also receive an email notification about a new task.

Click an event to view task deadlines, description, link to the task in the board, board name, and access type.

If you created an event in your CRM system and saved it to Google Calendar, you can edit it in Google Calendar, but these changes will not be saved in CRM.

How to Manage the Integration Settings

You can add multiple calendars for each of your teammates. To do this, click Add calendar, and set it up.

If you want to edit calendar settings or delete a calendar, click the three dots icon, and select an option.

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