How to Send Bulk SMS

You can easily send large amounts of SMS by registering with SendPulse, adding the text of your message, and choosing a list of recipients. With SendPulse, you can send highly segmented SMS to a large subscriber base at wholesale prices.

Follow these five steps to send bulk SMS:

Step 1: Register with SendPulse

If you don’t have an account — register. Fill in all the fields and click “Sign Up."

Registration form

Step 2: Choose Your Pricing Plan

Find the price per SMS for the country you wish to send bulk SMS. To do this, click on your pricing plan in your SendPulse account. Go to “SMS plans” and click “Add funds." Check out this guide for more details.

Add funds

Step 3: Upload Contacts

Click “New mailing list," name it and click “Add." Now, you can upload, copy, and paste or import the phone numbers. Although you add them to a mailing list, it doesn't need to contain the email addresses. Look for more details in this guide.

Upload phone numbers

Step 4: Create an SMS Campaign

Click “Send SMS” in your SendPulse account.

Send SMS

Step 5: Fill in All the Fields

Add the sender’s name in Latin up to 11 characters or digits. Write the text of your SMS. Select the necessary mailing list and choose the time for sending it. You can either send SMS immediately or schedule it, and it will be sent automatically.

Preview the message to make sure that it looks the way you need it to look. And send!

Fill in all the fileds

Tools for Bulk SMS

Now, you’ve learned how to send SMS; it’s time to dive deeper into the advantages SendPulse provides. To succeed with bulk SMS, you can use the following tools:

  • Personalization. It helps ensure an individual approach. You are welcome to insert any personal information into your SMS campaign. For example, the recipient’s name, company name, date of birth, promo code.
  • Subscription forms. Design an original SMS subscription form for free to collect your subscriber base. SendPulse provides users with customizable forms. You can add your images and logo, change your form colors and fonts to suit your brand style.
  • SMS automation. Set automated SMS sending to save your time. With SendPulse, you can combine email, SMS, and web push notifications in one flow. For example, send an abandoned cart email. If the subscriber doesn’t open it, offer a special discount via a web push notification, and if a client buys, notify about the order status via SMS. Discover your target audience preferences and choose the best channels.
  • Unsubscribe links. To be a good marketer and maintain a good mailing list, don’t forget to insert an unsubscribe link into every SMS. Let your clients unsubscribe whenever they wish to.
  • Statistics. Monitor your campaign reports to have a clear idea of how your SMS marketing performs. Track the number of messages delivered and opened. This will helps you change the strategy immediately.

Try these SendPulse instruments to boost ROI right now!

Send bulk SMS

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