How to view your pop-up statistics

Statistics help you find out how many site visitors saw your pop-ups, interacted with them, gave their contact info, or subscribed to your chatbot. With SendPulse, you can view the statistics of each project separately or get overall information for a certain period of time.

Overall statistics

You can find your pop-up statistics on the main page. Track how many views, interactions, and leads your project has gathered over a certain period of time using a separate graph for each metric.

The main panel displays your key account info:

  • Your pricing plan and the number of unique visitors you gathered during your billing period.
  • Your project graph where you can select a period of time for which you want to view your statistics.

The Visitors indicator shows your number of users with unique cookies, browser, and operating system. If your pop-up is shown to a person according to your scenario, the system will count them as one unique visitor. When they interact with your pop-up again using the same browser, the system will not add them to your list of unique visitors. However, if the same user logs in from a mobile device or cleaned cache and cookie, the system will count two unique visitors.

Views The number of times your widget was viewed.
Interactions Shows how many visitors interacted with your widget, expanded it, read its message, and clicked on your button and followed the link.
Leads The number of customers which shared their email addresses or phone numbers while submitted the pop-up. These contacts will be saved to the Analytics tab in the pop-up service, your CRM deals and contacts, and your mailing list if you enable a corresponding option when setting up your pop-up action.
Social widget Shows your social media buttons’ click-through rate on your floating panel’s social media buttons.

You can also select a period of time for which you want to view your statistics (day, week, month, or all time).

To view statistics for a specific day, hover over the graph.

Project statistics

Select a project and go to the Analytics tab to view your overall project statistics.

Performance data

Below you will see a graph with your performance indicators — these are the same indicators we described in the Overall Statistics section.

You can choose a period of time for which you want to view your statistics.

To view statistics for a specific day, hover over the graph.

Lead data

Available with the Standard plan and above, as well as during the 7-day free trial

Below the graph, there is a list of leads collected via pop-ups. You can view each contact’s name, details, scenario using which they were added, region, time of the last session, and source (the planet icon is displayed if a user visited an active pop-up from a site, for example,

You can go to a contact card in CRM by clicking a contact name.

In a contact card, you can see the following details:

Organization An Internet service provider.
IP address A user’s unique IP address.
ASN A unique provider number.
Longitude and latitude Approximate coordinates of a user's location during their interaction with a pop-up.
Address A user’s approximate address during the interaction with a pop-up.
Google Maps

A link to Google Maps with an approximate address.

This information is also saved to your mailing list in the email service if the location variable is enabled.

Displaying the region data in CRM and the pop-up builder is available only with a paid pricing plan. However, displaying other lead data in CRM is available with any pricing plan, including the free one.

Pop-up statistics

Analyze and compare your subscription and engagement rates to select the most creative scenarios and the most effective triggers.

Go to the Pop-ups tab. You will see the list of your pop-ups and their scenarios and number of views.

Select a scenario and go to Statistics tab. The data about each scenario will be displayed here.

Depending on your pop-up type, you may or may not see certain indicators. For example, if you do not have social media buttons, then there will be no corresponding data.

You can select a period of time for which you want to view your statistics (day, week, last 30 days, current month, or all time).

There are two metrics available in your launcher statistics: the number of views and clicks.

To monitor the statistics of your launcher and the pop-up it triggers, you need to view the number of launcher clicks and views and pop-up actions individually. To do this, switch between the linked pop-ups in your project, and go to the Statistics tab.

You can configure the display conditions for your launcher and its linked pop-up individually. For example, a pop-up can appear even without clicking the launcher if its selected trigger condition is based on a certain scroll percentage or time spent on the page. So, your pop-up statistics will be different from your launcher statistics.

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