How to create a certificate

You can create a certificate that students will receive after they successfully complete your course. The certificate will indicate to whom it was issued, the name of the course, instructor names, and issue date. You can customize its style and add images that suit your course.

Read more about how to set up the criteria for issuing a certificate: Course completion criteria.

Create a certificate

Go to the Certificates > the Builder tab.

Customize the certificate style

Select your certificate layout.

A5 Horizontal 1260х890 px rectangle.
A4 Vertical 1260х1780 px rectangle.
Square Symmetrical 1260х1260 px square.

Choose your background color, or upload a background image.

You can also add an additional image and choose its display width. It will be aligned to the right.

When choosing an image, keep your selected certificate format in mind. Recommended width: 240px, 320px, or 440px.

Recommended height: 890px, 1780px, or 1260px.

Smaller images will be stretched, and larger images will be cropped.

Select your text font, color, and alignment relative to your certificate contents.

With a paid plan, you can also remove the SendPulse logo.

Customize the certificate content

Students receive their certificates in the language set in their account at the time of issuing them. By default, a student account is set to the same language that was used on your website when they registered for your course. A student can change the language in their personal account anytime.

By default, a certificate contains the information about students who completed your course and your course name.

{{username}} Your students' first and last names mentioned in the Students tab.
{{course_name}} Your course name that you can edit on the course page.

You can also add more information by turning on the corresponding toggles.

Custom title Enter your certificate title.
Instructors Your instructors’ first and last names are mentioned in the Students tab and replace the {{firstname lastname}} variables.
Dates A student’s certificate issue date replaces the {{DD/MM/YYYY}} variable. Certificate issue dates are determined by time zones set in instructors’ accounts at the time of generating certificates (when students click Generate Certificate in their personal accounts).
Your logo Upload and select your company logo

You can also add a text block and additional information. Click Add text block, and enter and format your text.

A student’s certificate language is the same language set in their personal account. Any additional text you add will not be automatically translated and will appear unchanged in certificates in all languages.

Save and assign the certificate to your course

Having finished customizing your certificate, click Create.

Enter the name of the certificate — this name will be displayed only in your personal account.

Select the course upon completion of which you want to issue the created certificate. If the course already has a certificate, the new certificate will be applied to it.

Manage certificates

You can always return to the certificate settings, change its content, style, and assign it to another course.

To do this, go to the Saved certificates tab, and select one of the following actions:

Edit Opens the certificate builder where you can change the style and content of the certificate.
Duplicate Duplicates the style and content of the certificate and allows to assign it to another course.
Rename Renames the certificate in the certificate list.
Unlink Unlinks the certificate from the assigned course. Students will not receive the selected certificate upon completion of the course to which it was linked.
Delete Deletes the certificate. Students will not receive the selected certificate upon completion of the course to which it was linked.

You can assign a certificate to another course only after you have unlinked it from the first one.

Upload a unique certificate

Available with the Pro plan and above, as well as during the 7-day free trial

You can also create a unique certificate, save it as a PNG or PDF file, and upload a personalized certificate for each student.

Read more: How to upload a unique course certificate.

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