How to Create an Automated Chatbot Flow

SendPulse allows you to create automated Facebook chatbot flows when a bot provides subscribers with some information according to a pre-determined scenario.

How to Build an Automated Flow

Create a new trigger. On the new trigger panel, click the "Create a flow" button.

Creating a new flow

Add a text message in the "Message" block. If you are planning more than one block in the flow, add a button to the message. Click "Apply" to save the changes.

Saving changes in flow blocks

Add all the blocks you need. Remember to click "Apply" for every block you add to save its content.

Click the zoom buttons to zoom the editor in or out. Drag the editor field to have more space for a flow.

Zoom buttons

Drag a line from a button in one block to another block to link them.

Linking flow blocks

Once all the blocks of the flow are added, click "Save" to save the flow and bind it to a trigger.

Also, you can save the flow and send it to yourself. You will receive the first message of the flow in your Facebook account. In this way, you can test the flow work.

"Save and exit" saves the flow and closes the editor.

Saving a flow

The automated flow is ready.

Other features

By default, a flow is named after the trigger to which it is bound. To rename a flow, click its name in the editor, enter a new name, and save.

A flow name

Users can edit, copy, delete, or unbind existing flows from triggers.

Trigger menu

Flows unbound from triggers are stored in "Saved flows." To see all the saved flows click the "Saved flows" button on the "MESSENGERS" tab.

Saved flows

When you are in "Saved flows," you can test any flow from there. Open the "Actions" menu for a flow you want to test and click "Test campaign."

Test campaign

How to Set Up an Automated Welcome Message Flow for Different Subscription Widgets

You can send different welcome messages to users who subscribed through different subscription widgets. First, you need to create different message flows for each widget. Watch this video with step-by-step instruction.

How to Track Statistics on Active Chatbot Flows

The service allows you to track general statistics on a chatbot on the "Statistics" tab.

General statistics on a chatbot

You can see the number of messages sent and read, redirections in a flow, both in total and separately for each message in the "Bot structure" tab.

Statistics on flow messages

It’s also possible to track statistics on button clicks in flow messages. Click the number on a button to see who clicked the button.

Statistics on button clicks

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