The Pause element in chatbots

This element is used to set your message sending time and conditions. You can set your sending time in minutes, hours, or days.

Enter Time Duration

You can choose to pause in between using the Time period option or until a specific time using the Till date or Till Time option.

Telegram allow you to send a message after a delay of several days, at the exact time you choose. However, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram only allow you to delay a scheduled message 24 hours from the time the previous message was sent.

Time Period

Select the Time period option and set a pause between sending flow elements from 1 minute to 24 hours. Use it in a flow, for example, to warm up a client. After the specified time, the next message will be sent.

Till Date

The Till date option is only available for Telegram and Viber chatbots.

If you select a pause of more than 1 day between elements, you can set the time at which the message will be sent. The system considers the next day any time after 00:00 according to the time zone set in the settings of your personal account.

Select Until date and a pause end date.

You can also add a dynamic pause to your variable date and specify an offset. For example, you can use this feature if you are waiting for a customer to schedule a meeting and want to send a reminder 2 hours before the meeting.

To do this, select the Insert variables checkbox, and select a variable of the Date or Date and time type. To add an offset, select the Add value offset checkbox, and set a value in minutes, hours, and days using the + and - buttons.

Till Time

Select Till time and set a delay until a particular time. You can continue your flow at the scheduled element execution date and time. Alternatively, you can continue your flow the following day at the set time if it's earlier than the current execution time.

For example, you can use this option to indicate business hours or promotion hours.

You can add a dynamic pause to your variable date and specify an offset. To do this, activate Insert variables and select a variable with Date or Date and time type. To set offset, activate Add value offset and enter a value in minutes, hours, and days with + and - buttons.

Select Condition to Continue Your Flow

Choose a condition for sending the message:

Always The message will be sent regardless of the subscriber's actions
If inactive The message will only be sent if the subscriber did not take any action before the element execution time (i.e. if they haven’t written a message and called a standard flow or a custom flow by keyword, clicked a button in previous messages, followed an additional flow branch scenario, and so on).

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