Tips on crafting your email copy

In this article, we will talk about the factors that can help your emails avoid spam filters successfully and reach the inbox. Follow our tips to improve your email deliverability.

Sender name

Ensure that the information you enter clearly describes who is sending the email. Include your company name, so your recipient won't mistake you for anyone else.

You can set your primary sender name in the email service settings.

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Subject line

Mention the name of your company or brand. Even if your recipient has agreed to receive emails from you, they may not immediately recognize you.

For example, email subject lines like "Your daily newsletter from {{company_name}}" and "Your monthly update about {{product_name}}" will help users recognize your campaign. Otherwise, they will probably report your email as spam.

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Email address source

You have to mention how you obtained a user’s email address and consent to receive emails from you.

For example, it can be something like "You received this email because you are a member of our shopping club" or "You received this email because you signed up for our newsletter at {{site}}."

We recommend that you add this information to your email footer. If this information is missing, email providers can automatically identify your campaign as spam.

You received this email because you subscribed to the "Practical Marketing" blog

Contact information

All campaigns you send to users must contain real, non-electronic contact information about you as a sender, including your phone number and physical address.

If such information is not available, your emails may automatically go to users’ spam folders.

You also can fill in your company name and address in Account settings > Company information > Company and add the {{ec_es_email_sender_company}} variable to your email footer.

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