IP-address warm-up is an artificial domain reputation establishment, accomplished by gradually increasing email sending.

Check out the video below to find out why it's essential to warm up a new email address.

There Are 2 Types of IP-addresses

1. Shared IP-address

Multiple senders use this type of address. Although email sending volume and frequency is high, one can't control its reputation. It depends on the actions of all the users. 

2. Dedicated IP-address

This type of address belongs to a single sender who has full control over its reputation.

An IP-address is used by ISPs to find out the domain of your email address with the help of a unique code. This is the way to monitor sender behavior and reputation. Mail servers are usually leery of bulk email campaigns sent from new domains and IP-addresses. They treat every new address as a spam source.

If you send 50,000 emails per day from a new domain, you're likely to be called a spammer since this method is a common practice for spammers. Mailing list growth is a long process and can't be done in a day. Spammers scrape email addresses from different websites and send thousands of emails until their IP-address is blocked. 

That's why it's vitally essential to warm-up a new IP-address for the mail servers to trust you.

Goals of IP-address Warm-up:

  • Get the providers acquainted with a new IP-address, which is considered to be "cold."
  • Regularly increase email sending volumes
  • Build a high sender reputation

IP-address warm-up guarantees the credibility of the ISPs. If they see that recipients open your emails and follow the links — they will trust you and never mark as spam.

There are several warm-up procedures and a warm-up schedule to carry out.

Discover how to warm up a new IP-address step by step in our article "How to Warm Up a New IP Address for Email Campaigns."


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