Chatbot builder is a tool for creating chatbots. Its main benefit is that it allows creating chatbots without coding, thus makes it available to everyone. A simple chatbot can be created in SendPulse in less than an hour.

A chatbot builder is a platform which helps businesses to automate communication processes according to pre-determined scenarios. It allows sending news, updates, and reminders; processing orders; providing immediate customer support.

With SendPulse, you can create a chatbot for your business absolutely for free. Watch the video and follow the instructions!

Why is chatbot builder important?

Let’s say you own a bakery, and you sell your products in socials. You notice that your customers frequently ask questions like “how to make an order?”, “is there any vegan food to buy?”, etc. Well, why not create a chatbot to get that covered?

Chatbot automatically guides your audience towards the purchase, while the person responsible for customer support deals with more critical issues. Today, technologies give three ways to create a chatbot:

  • Ready-made solutions. These are pre-designed chatbots able to cope with specific business needs, like shop messages, dropshipping assistance, educational bot, etc. Botlist and Kik Bot are among ready-made solutions.
  • Self-service chatbot builders. These are the chatbot building platforms, which allow you to develop a chatbot specifically for your business, with the help of the intuitive interface and instructions like in SendPulse.
  • Chatbots from scratch. In this case, you need to hire a team of professional developers, who will bring your chatbot idea to live.

These three approaches have their pros and cons. However, chatbot builders are the balanced option since they allow having full control over the process. Chatbot builders fit any business from a small family company to a huge enterprise. They are also cheaper compared with chatbots created by developers from scratch.

Chatbot builder cost

It depends on your goals and the complexity of your idea — the process you need to automate. Let’s take a little study and check some of the most popular chatbot builders comparing their pricing plans and functionality.

  • SendPulse. This multichannel marketing platform allows using a chatbot builder for free with unlimited subscribers and messages count. To remove the branding logo from all widgets, you have to pay $9.85 per month.
  • FlowXO. It allows starting for free but limits functionality. The upgrade to a standard plan costs $19 per month. A standard plan opens access to all features except the unlimited number of interactions and bots you can create. You can utilize add-ons to raise that number when 5,000 interactions and 15 bots are not enough.
  • Botsify. This chatbot builder provides with a free trial. You can upgrade your account to a self-service $50 monthly plan with 10,000 interactions or fully managed plan for $300 a month with unlimited interaction. Both plans enable to create up to 10 chatbots.
  • Chatfuel. You can use this chatbot builder for free with an up to 1000 subscribers limit and Chatfuel’s branding logo. The Pro plan costs $15 a month while Premium takes $300 a month.

How to build a chatbot?

SendPulse allows creating chatbots for supporting your audience throughout a pre-determined scenario. This chatbot builder has a working space with different elements — message, flow, action, and pause — to customize and bend with each other.

The complete instruction on how to create a chatbot in SendPulse is here.

Chatbot building best practices

  1. Use chatbots yourself. To understand chatbot usability, you should be an active chatbot user. This knowledge will show you the weak points that chatbots have and avoid those mistakes when building yours. Subscribe to different groups on Facebook and play with the chatbot.
  2. Introduce your chatbot. Let your chatbot introduce itself. It is also important to mention it is not a real person, like this: “Hello, I’m AidBot, your virtual assistant in a Medical Clinic.”
  3. Set expectations. Let users understand the purpose of the chatbot: “I’m here to help you choose the best gift for your kid!” or “I’m captain Price, I aim to help you choose the right pricing plan.”
  4. Guide customers. Actively use buttons to guide them and speed up communication. Mind that the choice between more than three buttons confuses the reader, and slows down their way down the sales funnel.
  5. Predict possible mistakes. When there’s no chance to use buttons because you need users to type in the name of their city, for example, expect misspellings. Think about the most popular mistakes and include them in the list of words that trigger a reply to avoid the conversation restart.
  6. Be straightforward with chatbot limitations. If a user types in something that your chatbot wasn’t programmed to answer, make reply as such: “Sorry, but I don’t understand.” And give a couple of buttons like “Go back” or “Main menu” as a response.
  7. Make chatbot speak your language. Use emojis, images, and all available chatbot builder functionality to create conversations relevant to your brand communication style.
  8. Allow unsubscribing. At the very start, let people understand how to leave the dialog if they wish to. Usually, users are unsubscribed automatically after they type in “stop.”

Implement chatbots into your marketing strategy alongside with emails, SMS, and web push in SendPulse!

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