A subscriber is a person who chose to opt-in for your mailing list. 

Marketers strongly recommend compiling your subscribers' list by asking their permission for it. Otherwise, such mailings are considered to be spam. When people receive mail they have not opted in for, chances are that they will mark it as spam. Many spam complaints will contribute badly to your IP address's reputation among popular web clients. Apart from this, you risk being reported to anti-spam organizations like SpamCop or Spamhouse.

If you ask people to opt in for your commercial mailings, your list will be comprised of subscribers who expect to see your mail and are interested in receiving it. You can bounce from there to build lead nurturing campaigns and customer loyalty programs, in order to turn them into your loyal leads.

There are several ways people can subscribe to your commercial mailings: 

  • An opt-in form on the homepage of your website
  • A pop-up window with a subscription form on your website
  • Offer a bonus or a discount in exchange for a subscription
  • Place a subscription form on your social media page

Once you have your own subscribers list, it is recommended to segment subscribers.

There are several criteria to segment your subscribers:

  • Age and gender
  • Geographical location and time zone
  • New subscribers/active buyers
  • People who abandoned the shopping cart without going through with the purchase

Knowing these subscriber insights will allow you to:

With a smart email marketing strategy and minimum costs, you can turn your subscribers into regular customers.

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