In email marketing, the term List, or Subscribers’ List, is used to define Internet users who have subscribed to receive emails from you personally, or from your business.

Ways to gain a list of subscribers

  • An opt-in form on the homepage of your website
  • An opt-in pop-up on your website
  • A subscribe form on your landing page
  • A subscribe form on your Facebook page
  • Paper opt-in forms, which customers receive in your actual store in order to get a discount card
  • Promotion campaigns with obligatory requirements

You can segment the subscribers’ list into categories. This will allow you to send email campaigns with different contexts, suitable for each category. For example, if you have an e-commerce business, your most logical segmentation would be customers that purchased your product or service, and subscribers who have not made a single purchase. 

This way, you can send up-sale emails to existing customers on your list, and encourage those who did not buy from you by offering them a discount.

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