Direct sales

Direct sales - sales of goods and services that require direct contact with the buyer. And not only direct contact, but also the place of sale which is the territory of a potential buyer. For example, his own house, apartment, office, enterprise, directly - the client's work place. It is the most effective way of selling, which gives the maximum revenue. Direct sales are a method, the essence of which is individual contact with the consumer. 

Direct contact with the client in a certain place gives a lot of useful information:

  • Reaction to the agent on direct sales;
  • The client's attitude to the offer;
  • The reaction to subsequent phrases is visible
  • We can anticipate the result of the conversation and the development of events, we can establish contact with the client and, if possible, even predict the opportunity of such cooperation (i.e. prospects for repeated sales and ongoing cooperation).

As usual, direct sales are presentation and detailed verbal accompaniment of this presentation. The client should make up the concept not only about the product or service, but also about your person. Subsequently, the client decides where he needs your proposal or not. Then it's up to you: present the proposal, arouse interest, treat with respect to the potential client. He must receive all the necessary information about the product or service. If the client does not know something, then there may be doubts, which can essentially complicate your sale.

The core of direct sales for customers

World practice shows that direct sales are, first of all, the quality of the goods. It's clear that if you came to sell low-quality goods, then, firstly, nobody will buy it, and secondly, even if somebody buys it, he will not turn to you again. 

Direct sales are regulated legally, because your consumer has the same rights as the buyer in the supermarket, and you, of course, have exactly the same obligations as the seller who has its own sales area or retail outlet. 

Also, it should be noted that there is nothing much more convenient for the client, than direct sales. You, as a buyer, do not have to go anywhere. You will be brought everything. If you can not accept the seller  but are interested in his offer, most sellers will certainly ask if you have the time later and make an appointment. This is a purchase for the lazy. 

On the other hand, there is a danger that the mark-up will be higher than, for example, in the retail network. In this situation, you need to understand that you pay the seller extra money for the physical resources spent on the visit to you. 

The process of direct sales is illustrated below.

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