Direct sales — A type of sale that implies direct contact with a buyer without any third parties. This is an effective way to increase revenue. After registration with SendPulse, you can get additional income via email and web push channel. Discover more

Direct Sales Companies

  1. Amway
  2. Avon
  3. Mary Kay
  4. HealthyJointsSkin
  5. Herbalife
  6. NL

Advantages of Direct Sales

  • individual contact
  • personalized approach for every client
  • visible client reactions
  • the anticipation of the result
  • detailed product demonstration
  • higher income

Disadvantages of direct sales

  • an expensive way to start
  • difficult to reach a wide audience

Direct sales are all about product presentation. A business should have a clear idea about both their product and their seller personality. Subsequently, the client decides whether they need your proposal or not. 

Then it's up to you: present a proposal, arouse interest, and treat potential clients with respect. They should receive all the necessary information about the product or service. If a client doesn't know something, their doubts may prevent them from making a purchase. 

The Core of Direct Sales

  • Direct sales require high-quality goods by default. Using direct sales for low-quality products will result in abysmal sales rates and low customer retention.
  • Direct sales are legally regulated because consumers have the same rights as a buyer customer in a supermarket. Likewise, the seller has the same obligations as a sales assistant who has their own sales area or retail outlet.
  • This style of sales is convenient for clients because they don't have to go anywhere — everything is brought to them. If you are short on time but interested in the offer, most sellers will undoubtedly ask if you have time later and make an appointment. This is a purchase for the lazy.
  • There is a danger that the markup will be higher with direct sales, than in a standard retail network. In this situation, you need to understand that one must pay the seller extra money for the physical resources spent on selling directly to you. 

The process of direct sales is illustrated below.The process of direct sales

How to Do Direct Sales

  1. Set your goals
  2. Determine your target audience
  3. Learn
  4. Manage your time
  5. Increase your network
  6. Keep your enthusiasm alive

Set your goals

Like in any other business, setting goals is essential. There are many reasons why you should set goals: goals are motivators; your team of sales reps should be acquainted with the goals so that they move in the right direction. Your reps can help you not give up when your business seems to fail. You can motivate your sales team, and they can motivate you if you have well-defined goals. Be sure that you've set realistic goals, and don't be too demanding. While making a list of them, remember that direct sales are not the easiest nor the best option for high profits in a short period of time. It takes a lot of effort to succeed with direct sales and is a long-term success strategy.

Determine your target audience

Who are your clients? Is it worth it to set up a business in your city? What do they need?

Answer these three questions to get a better idea of your potential clients. Determine what you want to sell, who needs your product, and whether it is profitable to work in your location. Research to find out how many sellers in your city sell the same product as you want. Thus, you'll discover if there is a demand for your product or service and learn about your competition. If competition is high, think twice about whether the game is worth the candle.


If you're a beginner, visit pieces of training and courses, communicate with professional mentors, read more about successful practices. You need to have a good knowledge base to become a professional seller.

Manage your time

Many people are eager to start their own business in direct sales as they don't want to work for someone, to have a usual 9-5 work and only a two day weekend. Very often, they start as they wish — at 10-11 am because they are bosses. Don't make such a mistake! Plan your day, make a list of your most important tasks, and set the time. With this method, you'll control yourself and your team.

Increase your network

Sales are all about communication and establishing relationships with people. Visit conferences, seminars, business meetings, and other events to get new acquaintances. You'll have a good chance not only to learn from the experience of other professionals but to make people know you and your product. At professional meetings, of any format, you're very likely to acquire new leads.

Keep your enthusiasm alive

Indeed, there will be days when you will be at the point of regretting the creation of your business, because of problems, failures, and difficulties. Never give up! It's just another useful experience. Remind yourself of your goals and keep working to achieve them.

Direct Sales and Email Marketing

E-commerce brands make direct sales via email marketing. This is a popular method for growing their mailing list and increasing sales. Carters, Ralph Lauren, Bonobos, Banana Republic, OshKosh tempt their site visitors with a discount for their first order or free shipping. The only thing a user needs to do is to enter their email address. Then, when they receive a welcome email with a discount, they are much more likely to make an order. In this case, direct sales are performed via an email campaign.

Direct sales via email marketing

How to Make Direct Sales with SendPulse

Our service offers several communication channels to increase your outreach and performance. You may combine email, SMS, and web push notifications or use these platforms separately.

Fuel up your direct sales strategy!

You can quickly adapt email marketing techniques for direct sales by promoting your goods via various campaigns. SendPulse offers a wide choice of professional instruments for free.

Register and send an email campaign!

Place forms on your website and specify the mailing list where all the email addresses collected will be added. Then, send an email campaign to your new leads.

If you are new and have less than 500 subscribers — enjoy our free pricing plan. Send 15,000 emails monthly at no cost. You are welcome to use our professional tools: personalization, segmentation, A/B testing, resend unread emails, and many more.


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