How to work with student assignments

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You can check your students' homework to assess how well they understood a topic and provide them with feedback in the Answers to the task tab.

View homework

To check student answers from a specific course, go to this course, and open the Assignment answers tab.

To check student answers from all courses, go to the Assignment answers tab in the left sidebar.

To view student answers from a specific lesson, click Filter, and select the course, lesson, task status in the filter, student group, and assigned team member.

You can select the following task statuses:

To be reviewed The assignment will be reviewed by an instructor soon.
Accepted The instructor has accepted and graded the assignment.
Rejected The instructor has returned the assignment for revision.
Automatically accepted The instructor has accepted the assignment automatically.

Assess homework

Go to a student’s answer, and enter your reply in the field. Select if you accept or decline the assignment. If you accept the assignment, the student will be able to continue studying, and if you decline it, the student will have to resubmit it. You can also attach a file.

At the top of every submitted assignment, you'll see its course name, lesson, and assignment name.

If your course is sequential, students will not be able to continue studying until an instructor grades all their assignments.

To choose on whose behalf to reply to your student, click the icon on the right. You can reply anonymously or on behalf of a specific course instructor. If a certain instructor isn't listed, you can invite them.

Students will be able to view your replies in their accounts.

By default, all replies are anonymous.

If your course is sequential, students will not be able to continue studying until an instructor grades their assignments.

Once you assess an assignment, its status will change from To be reviewed to Accepted or Rejected.

To edit your answer, click Edit, and change your answer.

You can also mark answers as favorite to view them later. To do this, click the star on the right. Students won't see that you've marked their answers as your favorite.

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