How to create a chatbot and connect it to a Facebook page

1. Log in to your SendPulse account and go to «Messengers» tab.


2. Click on «Sign in with Facebook» to create your first bot.

Log in with Facebook

3. Log in to the Facebook profile you are using to administer the community page.

Log in to Facebook profile

4. After successfully signing in, all community pages administered via this profile will upload automatically.

Pick a page and click «Get Started».


5. Follow the prompts — first, the service will suggest users subscribing to the bot themselves so that they can use the Test mode to check all settings before subscribing actual clients and sending anything to them.

Test mode

Click «Enable».

6. Now check your Facebook messages — when a new user gets subscribed, the bot sends them the initial message.

Initial message

The initial message tells how to easily unsubscribe from the bot: by sending a message with either "/stop" or "/unsubscribe" command.

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