How to create a public chatbot flow preview

You can share any chatbot flow as it appears in the builder so that people can view it without editing. For example, this feature can show your team members how your sales pipelines are built across various messaging apps or help train and onboard your employees.

In this article, we will talk about how to create a public chatbot flow preview.

Go to your chatbot, select a flow, and click the three dots next to the Edit trigger section. Select Link to launch a flow, and turn on the Share this flow toggle in the modal window.

You will get a link that you can copy and share.

To save the link to your clipboard, click the copy icon > Done.

Users who follow this link will see your flow scenario in a browser window. They will be able to zoom in and out using buttons in the upper right corner.

As an embedded iframe

You can also add a chatbot flow preview to your website as an embedded iframe.

Click Show embedded code, and copy the code. Add it to your website code.

If you have a SendPulse-powered website, we recommend using custom code. To do this, go to Site Settings > Custom code, and click Add code to site. Select the <body> or <head> location, and paste the copied code. Your flow preview will be added to the top or bottom of your website page based on the location type.

Read more: How to add custom code to your site.

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