In email marketing, a recipient is a person who gives his or her permission to send them emails that may contain advertising materials, offers, company digests, invitations to events, video reviews, and other content.

What methods do marketers use to collect a recipient base?

Website visitors

We recommend placing a subscription form on the main page of your website. Create a large button with a clear call to action, such as "Sign up for our newsletter."

A separate landing page for subscription

In this way, you can share your landing page for email subscriptions via social networks to grow your email list of recipients.

Ask your clients for permission to email them

These contacts are essential for you because people who once made a purchase in your store probably had a good user experience while making the previous purchase. That's why they trust you and may give you their email addresses to receive new offers.

Special unique content

Announce that you'll send exclusive, useful content in exchange for filling out a subscription form. It may be e-books, research, webinars, videos, etc. 


Organize special online events such as webinars and quizzes to get more recipients.

Exhibitions and events

Grow your email list of recipients with the help of offline activities such as meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and tradeshows. Do not forget to send recipients a welcome email to remind them where you got his or her email address. Ask recipients to confirm their subscription to avoid spam complaints.

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