How to customize pop-up buttons

With the SendPulse pop-up builder, you can add the Button element to include links to other pages and elements, phone numbers, or email addresses.

In this article, you will learn how to add and customize the Button element in pop-ups.

Add the element

Click + Add element and select Button.

Customize your button

In the element editing panel, you can customize your button parameters. Select a button type (text or image).


Enter your button text.

Keep your pop-up size in mind, and make your call to action short and clear.

Select your style settings:

Size Select a button size: small (S), medium (M), or large (L).
Text color Select a text color from the palette.
Button color Click the icon, select a color using the sliders, and click Save.

To revert to the original color matching your pop-up style, go to the Style section, and select the pop-up color.

Select an on-click button action:

Next step Go to the next pop-up window.
Close modal window Close the pop-up window.
Open URL Open another page or website in a new window.

Click Save.


Upload an image, and select a button size: small (S), medium (M), or large (L).

Select an on-click button action: Next step, Close modal window, or Open URL.

Click Save.

Button groups

You can create a group of up to 6 buttons and customize their alignment. Go to the Button element settings, and in the Button alignment section, select an alignment (horizontal or vertical).

To create button groups, you need to add your button within the Button element rather than adding it as a separate element.

To add a button within the Button element, click + Add button.

To customize every button in the element individually, click the pencil icon next to it.

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