A prospective customer is a person who is interested in your product and has the necessary financial resources to buy it. Every entrepreneur thinks about the image of the ideal prospect with a quite obvious purpose — to make them buy a product or service. Email marketing is a great chance to encourage your prospective customers into the sales funnel. After registering with SendPulse, you can start encouraging customers to make a purchase with email marketing, for absolutely free.

A Prospect Must Have:

Financial opportunities

The client must be able to pay for the product offered within the terms that satisfy you. Financial readiness is the first and most important characteristic of a prospective customer.

The power to make a purchasing decision

More often, this is encountered when working with corporate clients. You may meet people, present your goods or services, and they may never decide to buy. Nonetheless, you should "feed" the seller with promises of cooperation in the future. Some buyers do not have enough authority to make a purchase, but they cannot admit this to the seller because all people want to look and feel relevant and meaningful. The ability to find the "right person" depends on the strength of the seller to ask questions.

A need for the product

Making sure that your product can solve a problem is the first condition for starting work on making a prospect buy something. Why should you waste time on a person that does not feel the need for your product or service? For example: What’s the point in offering furniture to an advertising agency? If you are trying to sell a product to a customer who doesn't need it, then your actions are unnecessary. Sale begins by determining whether the customer needs your product.

The desire to purchase the proposed product

Having a need and having a willingness are different things. Whose job is it to create interest in a product or service? If you answered — the seller, then you are entirely right. This concept refers more to direct sales and less to retail. After all, the seller is more often the initiator of the contact with direct selling — they should also be able to "sell" the need for a conversation, then "sell" the client on the need to meet with them and eventually — sell their product.

In retail, the initiator of the contact is the client as they come to you, and this means that they already have (even a small) interest in what you offer.

The features mentioned above of a prospect represent a kind of a customer test for "prospectivity." Once you have a prospect, the next stage is to convert them into a lead. This conversion happens when they give you their contact information. It can be a real challenge to encourage prospects to provide you with their phone number or email address.

How to Convert Prospects into Leads

We've already mentioned that you can do this with SendPulse for absolutely free. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to convert prospects into leads. With our service, you can do this via email, SMS, web push notifications, and chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Telegram. 

Create a subscription form for a website or a subscription request to send push notifications to start growing your mailing list. To make it easier for the users to leave their email address — offer a lead-magnet. Read the article on our blog about how to use them.

After you've collected the email addresses of the leads, send them a welcome email and start to nurture them. Discover your customers' preferences and use this information to make your campaigns highly personalized and segmented. People value an individual approach. 

For an easy start, enjoy our free pricing plan and send 15,000 emails monthly to less than 2,500 subscribers for free.

Convert prospects into customers!

Use SendPulse tools like subscription forms, web push notifications to turn your prospects into loyal customers!

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