How to view course data on your dashboard

With our online course dashboard, you can get all the necessary info about your courses, including the number of students and their performance, questions, and payment updates. This will help you monitor your students’ progress and analyze their involvement in the learning process.

Go to the Courses section in the top panel or click Dashboard in the left panel to view statistics.

Total number of students

The top block shows how many students are enrolled in your course and how many more you can add with your pricing plan.

You can also find your pricing plan and its expiration date. Click Upgrade pricing plan to change your plan.

Display period

You can select a period of time for which you want to see certain data (today, yesterday, week, month, or last 3 months).

You can also view your info for a specific time period by selecting it in the calendar.

Student activity

The Student activity block displays overall statistics for all courses.

Active The number of active students for the selected time period.
New on free courses The number of students who enrolled in your free courses during the selected period.
New on paid courses The number of new students who enrolled in your paid courses during the selected period.

Read more: How to track student progress.

Question statistics

You can see a block with information about students’ questions.

Questions The total number of questions from your students.
Unanswered The questions that have not yet been answered.

Each question includes a link to your course using which a student has enrolled. Click Read all questions to go to the Questions section.

Review statistics

Review statistics show course reviews your students left and how they rated it. You will see your students’ names, ratings, and their latest reviews.

Course statistics

The Courses block displays the number of your active and inactive courses. You can also see the following information for each course separately:

  • course name and link;
  • course website link;
  • the number of students currently enrolled in the course;
  • the number of students who started the course;
  • the number of students who completed the course.

The info about each of your courses will not change if you select dates from the calendar at the top of your home page.

Payment statistics

You can monitor your overall payment statistics for all courses in the Payments section, or view each course’s statistics separately.

Overall Statistics

In the Payments block, you can see the total amount and number of students’ payments for the selected period.

Statistics of each course

To view payment data for each course separately, in the Courses section, click on the arrow icon in the top right corner.

The graph displays the total amount and number of students’ payments for the selected period. To see when a payment was received, hover over the chart.

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