How to add a 2 GB Telegram video to a chatbot message

To add a video larger than 20 MB to your Telegram chatbot message, use links to public Telegram channel videos up to 2 GB in size.

In this article, we will talk about how to create links to Telegram channel videos up to 2 GB in size.

You can add videos up to 4 GB if they've been uploaded to your channel by a Telegram Premium subscriber.

In a public Telegram channel, right-click a video and select Copy Post Link.

Make sure your channel is public and has a text link format ( rather than a numerical one. This method might not be effective if your channel or group was initially private and then switched to public. In this case, it’s best to create a new public channel.

To prevent non-targeted users from finding your channel, give it a less searchable name.

Go to the Chatbots section, and select your Telegram bot. In the chatbot builder, add the Message element, click Add, and select the Video element. In the upper left corner, select the URL link type, and paste your Telegram channel video link.

Click Apply.

View the result

Chatbot users going through this flow will be able to view your video link.

For added content security, you can prevent users from downloading and screen recording your video. To do so, go to Bot Settings > General, and select the Disallow saving and forwarding content checkbox.

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