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Account Settings

  • Time zone settings

Do not forget to set your time zone in the Profile settings in order to have your delivery reports and email campaigns scheduled correctly.


  • Login Trouble

Seems you tried to broadcast SPAM email messages repeatedly. As sending SPAM using a SendPulse Service is strictly forbidden, your account has been blocked. More about our anti-spam policy. Contact us for further details.


Payment, Pricing, Discounts

  • Change your tariff plan

Look for the available tarrifs in the "Plans" menu item. All the prices depend on the campaign size. Tariff plan can be changed anytime you want with re-calculating your balance.


  • What is the lowest payment amount?

The minimum payment amount available for a credit card or PayPal is $10.


  • What are the wage type categories?

Supported payment types:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal


  • Paid funds were not added to SendPulse Service Account Balance

Paid funds will get added to your account balance instantly or within 1-2 hours maximum once we have received your payment.

Otherwise please contact the customer support notifying of your payment details.


  • What are limitations and features of a free account?

The number of mailings is limited. All the messages sent using a Free Account will contain a link to SendPulse Service.


  • How many free emails are available?

You can send 15,000 emails to 2,500 subscribers.


Creating emails

  • Email Design Requirements, and How to Bypass Spam Filters

Who you are should be clear to the user.

Label your email in such a way that the user cannot make a mistake and mark your email as spam. Make sure that the "From" field explicitly specifies the sender, so your recipient will not mix you up with anybody else.

Also, mention your company name  or brand in the subject line. Even if users have opted in and agreed to receive your newsletter, they can have trouble identifying the email source and author. Subjects like, "Daily newsletter from [Company]" or "Your monthly [Product Name] update" will help users recognize your email at once.

The invitation email must contain the sender’s information, and why it was sent.

Specify the reason why you’re sending each email: for example, “You are receiving this message because you subscribed to product updates on our website," or "…because you filled in our questionnaire."

In each email message, you must include where you received the user’s email address, and the user’s agreement.

In addition, each email must be clearly accompanied with the email address to which the newsletter was sent.

All the mailings that you send should contain valid contact information for the sender in each email message—not just the sender’s email address.

Specify the name of the company sending the email, including the phone number and business address.

For example, "You received this email message because you subscribed to this newsletter on [Company] website."


  • Is it necessary to insert the Sender's Name?

No, it's not. But Sender's Email is required.


  • Can I add more Sender's Emails?

You are not limited in amount of Sender's Emails. The only rule is activation of all Emails to avoid SPAM.


  • What is the way to insert the image to my email message?

There are two ways:

  1. by uploading the picture from your computer and inserting it directly into the message.
  2. by providing a link (URL) to the picture


  • What are the list formats I can use in the SendPulse Service?

All the mailing lists are in *.xls. *.xlsx, *.txt, *.csv formats.


  • How many mailing lists can I load?

Mailing list amount is unlimited. You can leave the loading page without any data loss – the loading runs in the background mode. This allows you to upload several mailing lists simultaneously.


  • How can I schedule the delivery?

Every delivery is scheduled on the email campaign creation process (Step 3). Press "Schedule:", set the date and the time, and SendPulse Service will start the delivery automatically.

Do not forget to set your time zone in the Profile settings in order to have your delivery reports and email campaigns scheduled correctly.


  • Can I create a custom template?

Yes, you can. Just create the email message you want as a template (Step 2. – creating a campaign), press “Save as a new template” and set its name. Your created template will be saved automatically to the “Personal” category.

Also you can add a template from “Email templates”. Create the new message as a template in the “Manage templates’, insert its name and save by clicking “Save as a new template”.


  • How can I personalize email messages?

There are variables in the email message editor in the “Variables” field. Variables allow you to personalize email messages. Variables corresponds to column names - choose columns with the additional information you want to add in the message and specify their names on list upload process.


  • Shall I insert “Unsubscribe” link?

Our service automatically inserts the unsubscribe link in every email message sent.


Mailing lists and from email address

  • Shall I activate the mailing lists?

We ask you to activate all the loaded mailing lists to avoid spam-delivery. Each email list should be activated only once.


  • What is mailing list activation time?

We do our best to activate your email lists as soon as possible. If you think it takes to long to activate your list then please contact our Support team.


  • Is it possible to save the mailing lists?

Yes, you can save your mailing lists to the new Microsoft Excel “document”.


Sending and Delivery

  • How often can I send an email to the same mailing list?

It is not recommended to send your email message more often than in 3 hours for the same mailing list. Otherwise your email messages will be rejected as spam or other delivery errors will appear.


  • Email-campaigns/Emails were not sent

It can happen for the following reasons:

• Your campaign can’t go through the “moderation” because of being spam-suspicious or because of “stop-words” your message contains.

We consider any unsolicited, unexpected, or unwanted Email message sent to the email recipients in order to extort their valuables from them or to mislead them, or any message originating from someone you have not authorized to have your email address to be SPAM.

• You don’t have sufficient funds to start the campaign.

Add funds to your account balance.


  • Email were not delivered

It can happen for the following reasons:

  • recipient’s address doesn’t exist;
  • recipient’s mailbox is full;
  • message is rejected by the recipient's server as spam.


Email statuses

  • "In the sending queue" - the message is not delivered yet and waits in the sending queue.
  • "Sent, delivery status not known yet" - the message was sent but the delivery status is not known yet. This status is temporal and can be changed soon.
  • "Delivered" - the message was delivered. This status can be changed to 3, 4 or 5.
  • "Delivered and read" - the message was delivered and read. This status can be changed to 4 or 5.
  • "Delivered, read, clicked a link" - the email was delivered, read and clicked-though. This status can be changed to 5.
  • "Delivered, read, user unsubscribed" - the message was delivered, read, but the user unsubscribed via the unsubscribe link. This status is final.
  • "Invalid email, delivery not successful" - - email address doesn't exist and the delivery failed. This status is final.
  • "Email temporarily unavailable" - Delivery has failed one or two times, but still in progress (the last email sending failed due to reasons beyond our control – user's email server was unavailable or rejected the message. This email address will have "available" status again in 7 days. in case of failure, the unavailable term will be increased from 3 and up to 30 days).
  • "Email unavailable" - delivery failed more than 10 times and the mailbox becomes unavailable constantly).
  • "Message rejected by the recipient's server as spam" - the recipient's server rejected to receive the message and consider it to be spam. The mailbox will be available in 15 days.
  • "Recipient's mailbox is full" email address becomes unavailable and the resending will be done in 3 days. After the second fail the term of being unavailable will be increased from 1 and up to 10 days.
  • "Recipient marked the message as spam" - if the user sends any complaint we add his/her email address to the list of constantly unavailable emails.
  • "Delivery failed for other reasons" - the delivery failed due to other reasons. This status is final.



  • Will all the email messages be delivered?

As you know, the perfect delivery percent is 100%, but it's infrequent. Usually, only 80-95% of sent emails are delivered to the recipients.

If you have sent email messages to recipients without having previously obtained her/his consent (that is forbidden), the percent of undelivered emails can be increased up to 30%. There are some reasons the delivery fails: email addresses don't exist or blocked or have mistakes, etc.


  • Reports reliability

After the delivery is completed the collection of statistics starts. Every email-delivery report is the opportunity to improve the next campaigns.

The reports are displayed in 3 graphic types: general statistics, campaign statistics (sent, delivered, clicked-through), and error statistics.

You can easily check the validity of reports:

  • Care-of addresses. Add some email addresses of your friends or colleagues to the mailing list and check the sending, the delivery and the reports.
  • Feedback. Write your company's email address or phone number in all the email messages and don't ignore feedbacks.


  • Email campaign effectiveness

The number of recipients' feedbacks can be higher than 10-50%. You will see their activeness in several days after the delivery.

Follow the rules below to create a high-quality email campaign:

  • Reliable mailing

Always view the statistics to improve your campaigns.

  • Up-to-date and interesting email content

The recipients must be interested in your offer otherwise the campaign won't yield.

Try to speak to the recipients in their native language or use international ones.

  • Feedback

Double-check your company's email address or phone number in all the email messages. Make sure you have mentioned up-to-date contact data.

  • Unsubscribe link

Any email without the unsubscribe link is spam, so our service automatically inserts it in every email message sent.


Delivery monitoring

  • Can I monitor the ones who click-through my email messages?

SendPulse Service has all the necessary options to find out the percentage rating of clicked-through messages, to monitor who read your messages and proceeded to the website.

All the statistics are displayed in the chart format in the  "My campaigns" menu.


  • Can I track the campaign?

Email campaign effectiveness is tracked by analyzing the number of sent, delivered, read and clicked through messages.


Service Options

  • Email sending

It is possible to send singular or bulk emails in the "Sending emails" – "Create a campaign" menu. Service options give an opportunity to upload several mailing lists, personalize emails (by using Variables) or schedule the delivery.


  • Email personalization

SendPulse Service allows to personalize every single email you create.

There are variables in the email message editor in the “Variables” field. Variables are used to personalize messages. Variables corresponds to column names - choose the columns with the additional information you want to add to the message and specify their names on the list upload process.


  • Adding email addresses to the Address books

All the mailing lists must be in *.xls. *.xlsx, *.txt, *.csv formats.

Mailing lists amount is unlimited. You can leave the loading page without any data loss — the loading is in the background. So you can download several mailing lists parallel.


  • Unsubscribers and unsubscribe reasons

If somebody unsubscribed form your campaign for some reasons his/her email address will be blocked automatically. And he/she won't receive any of your future emails. Check for unsubscribe reasons in the corresponding menu item.


Anti-spam policy & Privacy

  • Spam sending

Our users agree NOT to use SendPulse Service to send SPAM. Their Email messages must comply with the following principles:

  • No false, invalid or misleading information in the subject line or the body of Email message should be sent using SendPulse Service.
  • No Email message must be sent to email recipients without having previously obtained her/his consent.
  • Text displayed must clearly state or illustrate the service that is offered.
  • Marketing campaigns must clearly identify who is providing the service (originator) and clearly state the expense of the service promoted.

More about our Anti-spam policy read here.


  • Privacy of Provided Information

Any information provided through our service is maintained as private and strictly confidential.

We use information you have submitted to provide you with information, services, and other opportunities only. We do our best to protect your information against unauthorized access or release.


  • What content is prohibited?

Our service doesn't allow spam or any sort of offensive or illegal content.

We do not send:

  • Emails that violate CAN-SPAM Act;
  • Sexually explicit email messages;
  • Marketing emails to a list of people without their permission (unsolicited commercial email (UCE).

We review each profile to make sure it meets our terms of service, which help us maintain deliverability for all of our clients.

Please understand that some industries or "niches" return more abuse and spam complaints than average.We cannot risk our server's reputation, which affects each mailing profile.

Our service does not accept email campaigns, that offer types of services, products, or content listed below:

  • Escort and dating services;
  • Online and direct pharmaceutical sales, including but not limited to health and sexual well-being products, prescription and counterfeit drugs;
  • Work from home, make money online, and lead generation opportunities ("get rich quick," "build your wealth", "financial independence");
  • Online trading, day trading tips, or stock market-related content including but not limited to stock message boards promotion;
  • Pyramid schemes or multi-level channel, network and/or referral marketing (MLM) businesses used for prospecting or recruiting;
  • Affiliate marketing;
  • Debt collections, credit repair and debt relief offerings;
  • Mortgages and loans;
  • Nutritional, herbal, and vitamin supplements;
  • Adult novelty items or references;
  • List brokers or list rental services;
  • Illegal goods, pirated software or media;
  • Odds making and betting/gambling services, including but not limited to online poker, casino games, college and pro sporting events.


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