An email template is an HTML preformatted email that you can use to create your own unique email template by changing proposed content to your own. SendPulse offers more than 130+ free ready-made templates to any taste.

The video demonstrates how to create an email template in SendPulse.

An email template allows you to quickly and easily write and create email campaigns because all you have to do is replace pictures, texts, fonts, and other elements of the email. In SendPulse, the gallery of email templates is divided into thematic categories to quickly find the suitable option.

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We have a big choice of pre-made email templates that you can edit to your liking or craft your own one with a flexible drag and drop editor.

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Email template benefits

Saves time and effort

Rather than having to create the email template from scratch, you can easily upload your pictures, change the text, and select relevant and new content for your subscribers. You don't have to choose what parts of the email to include, where to insert the images, and where to write the text. Instead, with the ready-made template you will have more time to search for unique new content.

No need to check the formatting

Each time you create a new email template from scratch, you should check it for errors, because working with a large amount of data you risk leaving out important sections or making mistakes with formatting. Using a template ensures your email has exactly the same look as in previous newsletters.


With SendPulse, you can create customized email templates with an intuitive drag and drop editor, use our free pre-designed templates, or use other companies’ emails as your template with SendPulse’s Chrome extension. Register with SendPulse to create perfect email marketing templates to benefit your business.

It’s easy. Get SendPulse’s free Chrome extension for Gmail, save any email from your inbox right to your SendPulse account as a template, and customize it to your liking.

Register with SendPulse, and create a template using our intuitive drag and drop editor with this guide. In the same way, you can also customize our free pre-designed templates or use emails from other companies as your templates in your SendPulse account using the Chrome extension.

Whether you create templates with SendPulse’s drag and drop editor, use pre-designed templates, or get other companies’ emails as templates with our Chrome extension — it’s all for totally free. Register with SendPulse and give it a try.

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