Brand activation is an event, campaign, or any interaction through which a company drives customer actions and aims at generating brand awareness, building lasting relationships with its target audience, and developing customer loyalty. It is engaging and enables customers to interact directly with a certain company.

Why is brand activation important?

In the times of digital marketing, it’s extremely hard to stand out among thousands of brands that do their best to achieve their goals. To make a brand different, marketers look for interactive and at the same time effective methods of attracting their target audience. Different forms of experiential marketing such as brand activation, guerilla marketing, ambient, and ambush marketing come to the rescue.

If you are just starting your business, you know your audience well yet they don’t know you. Brand activation is a great opportunity to present your brand and create emotional connections with your future buyers. Experiential marketing allows you to create something intriguing related to your company that will generate interest even in people who don’t know your brand yet.

Now that you know the reasons why companies often conduct various events, create unique campaigns, and directly interact with their customers, it’s time to find out more about this strategy.

Brand Activation Strategy

  1. Determine what your brand stands for
  2. Define your audience
  3. Make SWOT analysis
  4. Explore the tactics to reach your audience
  5. Think about management

A boring and not engaging strategy can’t attract more people to your brand. If you strive to make a buzz around your company, a brand activation strategy is a great solution. So let’s walk you through several necessary steps.

  1. Determine what your brand stands for. The first and foremost is to decide what you want to be known for. It’s not just how you position your brand, but it's more about what people think about it. Ensure that your brand message is clear.
  2. Define your audience. You can’t meet the needs and wants of all people, so it’s essential to know your audience. Find clients who will appreciate your products or services the most. According to the survey, 72% of customers prefer to engage with marketing messages tailored to their interests. That’s why you need to know the demographics, interests, and traits of your ideal buyers. For this purpose, consider creating buyer personas. Visit our blog to find out how to develop a customer profile.
  3. Make SWOT analysis. You should be aware of your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats before creating various events, campaigns, installations, etc. This is because some brand activation campaigns can require a lot of resources and some of them can be simple and cheap. However, to launch a campaign, you don’t necessarily need a lot of funds since even a creative booth installation can attract the masses.
  4. Explore the tactics to reach your audience. Keep in mind that there are many ways to appeal to your prospects: product demonstration installation, mobile vans, games, and many other activities. Choose the right method to communicate your message clearly to your target audience.
  5. Think about management. The last step is to bring the previous steps altogether and form a great team to bring it all to life according to your expectations. Assign the right responsibilities to the right people to engage everyone on your team.

So now that you know about the necessary steps, let’s explore five ideas that will inspire you to create your outstanding event.

5 Brand Activation Ideas

  1. Surprise your audience
  2. Make your event interactive
  3. Show the new features of your products
  4. Consider partnership with other brands
  5. Promote your brand’s values

If you aim at improving brand awareness and reaching more people, brand activation is the right decision. We’ve prepared several ideas for you to get inspired for your next campaign and connect with your leads and customers creatively and unusually.

1. Surprise your audience

The best way to build strong brand awareness is to do something that nobody expects. That’s what Lipton Iced Tea did: the brand erected a huge yellow water slide in the center of London. As a result, this object gathered amazed and curious people around. Moreover, Lipton gave out free samples of their products to boost engagement.


2. Make your event interactive

One of the keys to the success of the event is to make it interactive. Make your customers engage with the brand. Don’t forget to promote your event on social media to attract as many visitors as possible. According to statistics, 88% of brands use social media platforms to increase awareness.

For example, the experimental Dining Club launched by IKEA. People had an incredible opportunity to cook under the supervision of chefs and serve dishes for their closest people.

The dining club

Source: Crummbs

3. Show the new features of your products

If you have a new product or an old one but with the new features, go ahead and demonstrate those features and the benefits they can bring to your audience.

Apple’s "One Night on iPhone 7" is an excellent example of how you can present your product. The famous technology company’s team did its best to surprise the brand’s fans and at the same time show the benefits of their products. They invited photographers from different countries to take photos on their Apple devices to showcase the new camera features.


Source: Apple

4. Consider partnership with other brands

It’s also a great idea to find a non-competing brand with a similar audience. You can collaborate and create something together: a product, campaign, event, or something else.

You can find tons of examples all over the world. For instance, the “Soundtrack for Your Ride” campaign is the result of Uber & Spotify’s cooperation. This campaign demonstrates good results: a wider audience and more leads interested in these brands.

Uber & Spotify cooperation

Source: Campaign

5. Promote your brand’s values

A successful campaign will help promote your brand values. They turn your regular customers into admirers of your company. Your values should be visual to reach more people and consequently achieve more success.

Let’s take Ben & Jerry's, for example. The value-driven brand that always promotes the protection of our environment. Ben & Jerry's values encouraged them to create a film festival, where they decided to screen eight movies. This summer film festival lasted three days. The brand used environmentally friendly hybrid power technology to power the big screen. The festival’s visitors were also able to find out about the brand’s ‘Save our Swirled’ campaign for climate justice.

Ben & Jerry's

Source: The Drum

If you are not limited in resources, you can always create something incredible and surprise your audience. Different brands prove that creativity and smart use of available tools can bring several benefits to your company. Yet after the interaction with your customers, you should know how to measure your success.

How to measure brand activation

To figure out whether you did everything right during your brand activation campaign, you can look through your:

  • customer acquisition (check whether the number of your customers, sales, and revenue increased);
  • engagement on social media (find out whether you have more followers, mentions, comments, likes on social media);
  • live engagement during the event (you can easily measure your success if you see that there are many people involved during the event);
  • metrics (track the performance of your campaign).

Now you know a lot about brand activation, so it’s time to proceed to the examples to grab some inspiration.

Brand Activation Examples

  • Revolve
  • Foster's No Worries Motel
  • GoGo SqueeZ: Goodness Machine
  • Vitaminwater

Whether you are just starting your business, your company plans to launch a new product and needs some extra hype, or maybe your brand strives for some more recognition, brand activation can help you. Here you can see several outstanding examples. Let’s dive in.


A famous brand of apparel, shoes, and accessories uses brand activation very often. Their “Revolve Around The World” campaign included influencers to drive a bigger interest in their company. The brand sent opinion leaders on a trip starting with a “carnival” in L.A. to build a following, promote their clothes and improve brand engagement.


Foster's No Worries Motel

To reach young music fans of Finland, the Australian beer brand in partnership with Airbnb, set up a pop-up hotel at one of the country’s music festivals. The hotel was created inside a blue shipping container. A ticket to the festival allowed visitors to book a room in this extraordinary hotel using the Airbnb app.


Source: Ads of the World

GoGo SqueeZ: Goodness Machine

The brand famous for its applesauce and yogurt pouches showed particular creativity when developing its brand activation campaign. To attract children and their parents, the brand’s team created a big version of the unique squeezable applesauce that produced children's favorite dessert when kids activated the machine. The picture below demonstrates that the event evoked pleasant emotions and was extremely interactive.

GoGo SqueeZ

Source: Stroller in the City


Like the majority of brands, Vitaminwater also decided to use a large event to promote its products and attract more prospects. For this purpose, the brand chose the WayHome Music Festival where the Vitaminwater team created a “misting station” for those who don’t tolerate heat to cool down. They designed a great place in bold colors which attracted a lot of people.


Source: ZoomInfo

To conclude, brand activation can be presented in a form of an event or any type of interaction with customers to boost brand awareness. It’s interactive, creative which is very important in attracting more and more people. It suits both startups and well-established companies. You can easily establish communication, maintain engagement and boost sales with SendPulse’s chatbots, web push notifications, SMS, and bulk email service.


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