Delivery errors are the reasons that your email campaign was not delivered. To investigate errors, you can view the statistics report.

Common Errors with Email Campaign Delivery

  1. "Temporarily unavailable" means that the sending failed because the recipient’s email server was unavailable or rejected the message.
  2. "Address doesn’t exist" means that the email address is not on the domain. This error happens because users may have mistakenly entered the wrong email address on the subscription form. That is why it’s best to use a double-opt-in form of subscription in which the subscriber confirms his or her desire to receive your mailings by clicking the link in the opt-in confirmation email
  3. "Spam" means that the recipient’s server rejected receiving your email, equating it to be spam. 
  4. "Mailbox full" means that the subscriber’s inbox is full and has no way to receive your email. In this case, resending can be done after three days.
  5. "Marked spam by user" means the user marked your letter as spam, and his or her email address will be automatically transferred to the list of consistently unavailable emails. 

SendPulse offers an Email Verifier  tool that helps marketers remove invalid email addresses from their lists and keep an email deliverability rate high. Follow this step-by-step guide to verify your email addresses.

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