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Real Estate Marketing Tools: Top Choices for 2023

Updated June 9, 2024 7 minutes

Real Estate Marketing Tools: Top Choices for 2023

Real estate is one of the industries that are now being disrupted by numerous innovative online businesses. According to Forbes, the $3.8 billion silicon valley startup, Opendoor already claims to sell a house in only 20 days by letting customers skip all the tiresome showings and bureaucracy.

This doesn’t mean that the days of realtors have passed: people look for inspiration and list their houses online, but still prefer to have professionals to sort out the deal. To win the market, keep up with the trends and take advantage of the best real estate marketing tools. Here are our top choices for 2023.

Marketing tools for realtors: generating leads

To generate leads, you have to be visible on the local market. And it’s not enough to be present on marketplaces like Zillow, as the competition is extremely high. You have to stand out and find ways to reach audiences, for example, by leveraging content, social media, and SEO strategies. Here are some marketing tools for real estate professionals to help you at this stage.

Build a website with Squarespace

Pricing starts from $12 per month if paid annually

There are lots of tips to make your real estate landing page convert better, but the only thing that goes without saying is that the quality of content and images is the key.

Squarespace is a website builder that will help you look like an expert from the very beginning. It has stylish templates designed especially for real estate. Here you can create a portfolio, blog, or complex website to show yourself and your properties in the best light.

Squarespace has a friendly onboarding, first asking you about the goals that you want to pursue and then providing you with the most relevant examples. They also sell domains.

You can preview templates and then use them in your project; they are already optimized for phones and tablets.

real estate marketing tool
A template for a real estate website by Squarespace

To finally evaluate all the pros and cons of Squarespace, look at our major website builders comparison and pick the best one for you.

List your luxury properties with PrimoListing

Pay as you list, $20 per published listing, $15 extra for a custom domain

If you have a single high-end property to showcase, PrimoListing will help you create a listing that will impress, captivate, and generate leads. Here you can integrate virtual walkthroughs, videos, and panoramas. You can also white-label your landings and brand them at every step.

This is one of the real estate marketing tools that can be used collaboratively. If you have a team of agents, add them to your account, and set up their permissions. There is a dashboard to manage all of your listings and agents from one place.

real estate marketing tool
Creating a listing with PrimoListing

Inspire your customers with LiveTour by iStaging

Free trial and limited free plan, pricing starts at $5 per user per month

LiveTour is a virtual tour platform that allows you to capture high-quality VR tours. Apart from virtual tours it also allows to create floor plans and panoramas. It’s a completely do-it-yourself solution, so you don’t have to hire a photographer. The only thing you’ll need is a fisheye lens attached to your smartphone. The videos can be branded with your logo.

You can use virtual tours in ad campaigns or on the website to inspire your consumers or save time on showings. Look at one of the stunning live tours captured with Samsung Galaxy S8.

marketing tool for realtors
A VR tour captured by LiveTour

Plan your social media posts with Planoly

Free plan with limited profiles and uploads, pricing starts at $7 per user per month

Planoly is an official Instagram and Pinterest platform that fits businesses of all sizes. This social media posting app is one of the best real estate marketing tools because it covers Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest — platforms you should be on to reach your audience.

Here you can draft, schedule, publish content, and analyze your business profile data. There is also a shoplink feature that allows you to create galleries, embed them in your blog or website, and add links to images. The platform is available on iOS, Android, and on the web.

marketing tool for realtors
Planoly app featured on the App Store

Use chatbots by SendPulse to catch leads

Free limited plan with 10,000 messages per month, paid plans start at $9.85 per month

To avoid any “I’m just looking” scenarios, employ Facebook and Telegram chatbots made with SendPulse. They can be used as one of your real estate marketing tools for increasing visitor-to-lead conversion. Apart from answering questions and collecting contacts, chatbots will schedule open houses or take your prospects on virtual tours — all this without your direct participation.

To launch your virtual worker with SendPulse, no code is needed. Just use our drag and drop builder. The platform provides guidelines on real estate chatbots and a ready-to-use template. This is how a real estate chatbot’s automated flow in SendPulse can look.

real estate marketing tool
A real estate chatbot flow built with SendPulse

When it comes to your website visitors, you can also add a subscription widget or a live chat so your visitors can chat with the bot too.

Marketing tools for realtors: nurturing leads

Buying or selling a house is usually a life-changing decision that takes time. That’s why it’s so important to not only build a database but also to maintain relationships. This way, you are likely to convert better and ensure a high reputation that can lead to word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. Here are some marketing tools for real estate professionals that can help you.

Host webinars on Google Meet

Free plan for one-hour meetings for up to 100 participants; pricing starts from $10 per person per month, but all the plans are free until September 30th due to COVID relief

Formerly Google Hangouts, Google Meet is not a dedicated webinar and meeting application. However, it is being successfully used for education purposes and seems to be a good deal if webinars are something that you do once in a while.

Though it doesn’t provide pro-features like landing pages and reminders, there are such perks as availability on any device, high sound quality, and good security. You’ll be able to record a webinar, share your screen, and even have text captions thanks to Google’s speech recognition technology.

marketing tool for real estate
Google Meet interface, list of features

Go live on Facebook and Instagram


Using free features from Facebook and Instagram, you can broadcast a site inspection, a Q&A, or a virtual event. If webinars can serve as realtor’s marketing tools to alleviate concerns and provide customers with in-depth market expertise, this format is more emotional and spontaneous. Just imagine what a wow-effect you can produce by going live in the moment of a deal closing!

A great perk of live streams on social media platforms is that your prospects can join you without any additional effort, right when they are checking on their social feeds.

With Facebook, you can schedule and announce your stream, moderate comments, or trim and clip previously live videos. With Instagram, you can replay them on IGTV.

Facebook has a special Producer interface where you can choose how to create your broadcast: by using your camera, special streaming software, or a paired encoder.

real estate marketing tool
Facebook Producer interface

Launch email campaigns with SendPulse

Free for up to 500 subscribers and 15,000 emails, pricing for larger plans starts at $6.40 per month

Email marketing is one of the crucial realtor’s marketing tools, as it helps to maintain relationships with your prospects and build trust by providing them with your expert content.

SendPulse is a marketing platform that combines bulk, triggered, transactional emails, web push notifications, SMS, and chatbot communications. With our drag and drop editor, you can create email templates without coding.

SendPulse drag and drop email editor

There are also more than 100 ready-made templates. It can be very tempting to start creating your premier campaign right away but first think of a solid email marketing strategy for your real estate business.

Marketing tools for realtors: converting leads into sales

Managing and scoring your leads is an important part of every deal. You would never want to miss a ready-to-convert lead, would you? So you should be very efficient and quick: evaluate your leads, answer calls, schedule showings, and provide quotes in no time. Grab some tools to empower you to win this race.

Focus on the hottest leads with First by Remax

The pricing is individual and depends on the size of your database

First helps you evaluate leads in your database and suggests those that are likely to convert in the next three to six months so that you attend them first.

The evaluation is done by AI: they study public data, including online activity and social media. The perk is that you don’t have to provide them with lots of data — just install an app and share your contacts.

Apart from that, First will groom your database, send follow-ups, and track your progress.

marketing tool for real estate
First mobile app features

Use Calendly to schedule meetings and showings

Free basic plan, pricing starts from $8 per user per month

Calendly is a scheduling app that allows you to set up meetings without emails going back and forth. It is one of the greatest marketing tools for real estate professionals because it can be integrated into your website so that your leads can schedule a meeting right away and without waiting for your response.

First, your site visitors leave their contact information and then schedule a meeting, choosing a date and time from your free slots.

real estate marketing tool
Scheduling a meeting with Calendly

If you have a whole team of realtors, Calendly can also help you redistribute scheduled meetings among your reps.

Study your conversions with Google Analytics


Google Analytics can be considered as one of the most fundamental marketing tools for realtors, as it can shed lots of light on your audience and marketing channels. Knowing exactly which of your channels sell, you can focus on them and save time on the others.

Here you can track your visitors’ demographics and behavior on the website, look at the channel, and ad campaign efficiency.

real estate marketing tool
Google Analytics channels report

So, as you see, there are lots of useful tools that will help you compete and win in the real estate market. Test-drive the ones that you like or look for alternatives according to your budgets.

Any favorites of yours that we’ve missed in our list? Share them in the comments below!

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