Marketing reach is the approximate number of prospects who can reach your advertising message or piece of content. This metric allows marketers to forecast how many potential customers will see their message, whether it's a social media post, TV ad, online ad, brochure, etc. It enables companies to make informed decisions.

In this article, you'll learn why marketing reach is important, how it differs from impressions, and how to calculate and increase the measurement.

Why is marketing reach important?

Since the main goal of each marketing campaign is to increase brand recognition and acquire new leads, measuring marketing reach is a vital task for each marketer. Generally, it enables them to estimate the possible ROAS and assesses user engagement via paid advertising and organic reach.

Measuring marketing reach allows companies to make informed decisions. With this metric, they can forecast whether a campaign is worth the investment. Each channel provides different benefits, so you'd better find the most appropriate for your business that can generate more potential customers. With this KPI, you can minimize the risks of investing in low-performing channels.

In addition, marketing reach lets you analyze the performance of your campaign. If your reach is high, but the conversion rate is low, you need to discover why your post doesn't work as it should. It can be related to the wrong audience or an irrelevant advertising message. You should consider reach and impressions for a general view of your campaign performance.

Let's make the difference between these two measurements clear.

Marketing Reach vs Impressions

These KPIs are closely connected but slightly different.

Marketing reach implies the number of people likely to see your campaign. It doesn't mean they have interacted with it. It even provides no guarantees that a user will read your message. Impressions mean the number of times your ad or post was displayed on users' screens. This indicator also doesn't guarantee any interactions. You should also remember that impressions are not unique.

For example, you are creating an Instagram post to reach all your followers, but only a part of them will see it. This part or percentage makes up your marketing reach. So, these are unique people who view your content. The number of times users see your post makes your impressions. So, this metric is higher, as a rule. A single user can see your post in their feed, on a friend's Story, or via a link shared by their friend. These three views will count as three impressions, while the marketing reach of a post will be one, meaning one unique viewer.

Now that you know why marketing reach matters, we'll discover how to measure the metric.

How to calculate marketing reach?

If you want to create a promotional campaign on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or using Google Ads, you don't have to make any calculations. These platforms provide users with an automated estimation of the potential audience size. These won't be accurate numbers, but they are very close to the real things. For example, Instagram calculates reach by sharing the number of all unique users who viewed your post. Facebook calculates reach as the number of individuals who viewed your post at least once.

You can still calculate your campaign's marketing reach manually. Use the formula below.

Marketing Reach = Impressions/Frequency

Frequency means the number of times a user could see your ad during your campaign length.

To discover the frequency, use the formula below.

Frequency = Impressions/Unique users

Now that you know how to calculate your marketing reach, you might be interested in improving the metric. Keep reading.

6 Ways to Increase Your Marketing Reach

In this section, we'll share tips to help you improve your posts' marketing reach and advertising campaigns.

  1. Find influencers. Look for people having authority among your potential customers. They can promote your brand and be your first clients. If you're starting, choose micro-influencers. They are easier to partner with and probably have more trust among their followers since big influencers are often considered money-makers by their followers. Ask them to show how they use your product in their everyday life.
  2. Partner with other businesses. Increasing your network allows you to reach new audiences. Find businesses that are not your competitors but share the same audience and partner with them. This way, you can always get new leads and boost your brand awareness.
  3. Send email campaigns. Email is an effective way to improve engagement and sales and build long-lasting relationships with your audience. You can use personalization and segmentation to produce unique and relevant offers for each subscriber. With this channel, you can maintain relationships with your existing customers and nurture potential clients. SendPulse lets you send up to 15,000 emails to 500 subscribers for free every month. You don't need to code or even design a template from scratch.
  4. Create a referral program. People trust the recommendations of their friends more than ads. Every satisfied customer can bring in new people. Offer your customers additional perks in exchange for promoting your product or service. This way, you'll improve the retention rate, increase your client base, improve brand awareness, and boost engagement.
  5. Segment your audience. It is probably the most effective way of increasing your reach and sales. Learn your potential client's needs, pain points, and desires. Then, you use this data when creating an advertising campaign or email campaign. You can strike the right chord by providing relevant and timely offers.
  6. Promote your social media accounts. For more people to see your posts on social media, they need to know about them. Offer your email subscribers to follow you on Facebook or Twitter by adding social media icons to your campaign. You can easily do that with the SendPulse drag and drop editor. Let your blog readers follow your social accounts and add this possibility to your website and live chat. With SendPulse, you can create a live chat for your website to convert site visitors into customers.

Congrats, now you know why marketing reach is important and how to improve this KPI. Promote your business and bring communication with your audience to the next level using SendPulse marketing tools. You can send email campaigns and web push notifications, create chatbots, landing pages, and courses for free. Register and start right away!

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