Facebook Messenger advertising is an internet marketing channel based on showing relevant ads in Facebook Messenger. It also encourages communication with potential customers in direct messages of Facebook Messenger application. The companies try to engage people to provide them with a faster and more personalized buying experience.

Why is Facebook Messenger advertising important

  • Global reach. 1.3 billion people use Messenger every month. With this coverage, Facebook Messenger becomes a massive platform for advertising.
  • Rapid communication. Facebook Messenger advertising reaches potential customers more efficiently and quickly than other marketing channels like email and even social media. The usage of applications for messaging surpassed the usage of social media.
  • The new format of advertising. Facebook developed two new types of ads. Click-to-Messenger ads offer users to initiate the conversation with a brand on Facebook and Instagram. Another new type looks like a regular Facebook newsfeed ad, but it leads to Messenger with the same purpose of starting the conversation. These ads generate individual interaction.
  • Convenience. Facebook Messenger advertising allows people to stay in Messenger because it’s inconvenient and irritative when an ad redirects users to their browser.
  • Retargeting opportunities. Sponsored messages enable companies to create highly targeted promotions and send them directly to people who have previously engaged with a particular brand.

Types of Facebook Messenger advertising

  1. Click-to-Messenger ad. This ad looks like a typical Facebook ad in the newsfeed, though it includes a call-to-action “Send Message” instead of the obtrusive “Shop Now.” The link from “Send message” button leads to Messenger where communication with a chatbot takes place.
  2. Messenger ad in Chats. This type of ads appears directly in the home dashboard of the Messenger application. Facebook displays them in Chats and targets such ads based on the user’s interests to evolve brand awareness.
  3. Direct messages from the company page. This type of ad works out only if a user has previously communicated with a particular brand. A message from the brand’s page starts a conversation where the user has a few preset variants of the answer to every chatbot’s remark. The communication in Facebook Messenger shortens the buyer journey and makes it more human, so such relationships between brands and people turn sales funnel into the sales tunnel.

How to do Facebook Messenger advertising with SendPulse

SendPulse can provide you only with direct messages from the Facebook page. Here’s how to connect our chatbot to your Facebook page.

  1. Connect Facebook profile to SendPulse.Connect your Facebook profile
  2. Choose a Facebook page(s) to connect a chatbot to.Choose a page
  3. Click on “Enable” and subscribe to a Facebook chatbot.Subscribe to a Facebook chatbot
  4. Try out a Test mode. Create a couple of campaigns for training.Try out a test mode
  5. Use a widget to generate subscribers. Copy the code snippet at the end of widget creating and add it to your website’s code.Create a widget

Facebook Messenger advertising best practices and tips

  • Stand out from the crowd. Ads in the news feed irritate everyone. Try to be an exception and come up with relevant and attractive offers and content. In the ad, create text which will intrigue potential customers, encouraging them to click through.
  • Use images smartly. Take photos describing how to use the product if possible. The images should look winning and perhaps provoking.
  • Create chatbot as human as possible. Give a name to your chatbot. Come up with a style of communication which will resonate with your audience.
  • Keep your copy to the point. Don’t send long messages as they are boring. For instance, if there are five sentences in a row, you need to give more time for reading before the chatbot sends another remark. All messaging should be swift and relevant.
  • Ask simple questions. Make the conversation easy. Ask questions that people understand and offer relevant and logic variants of answers to make their buyer journey smooth.

Examples of Facebook Messenger advertising

Direct messages in Messenger.

Facebook Messenger advertising 

Messenger ad in Chats.

Facebook Messenger advertising

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