SendPulse is a one-stop marketing and sales automation platform. With SendPulse, you can create landing pages, build a subscriber base, send email, web push, and SMS campaigns, create Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram chatbots to close more sales, and manage your sales using CRM.

  • 19.03.2024

    Integrate Google Sheets with SendPulse chatbot builder

    Enable this integration to add, search, and retrieve data from Google Sheets through the “Action” element as your subscribers progress through your chatbot flow.

  • 05.03.2024

    User input elements in Telegram group chats

    After your message with the user input field is sent to the group, your chatbot will process the next message and continue your flow. Keep in mind that quick replies are not available for group chats, and the buttons are only available for your chatbot subscribers.

  • 05.03.2024

    Launch your chatbot flows through Meta Ads Manager

    You can now add your Instagram and Facebook Messenger flows to Meta Ads Manager. You have the option to select your flow in Ads Manager for your “Click to message” ad campaigns.

  • 04.03.2024

    Approve join requests through the “Action” element.

    To accept a user’s join request, choose the “Unblock in a group or channel or approve a join request” action in your flow and select your channel from the list. This option will come in handy for private Telegram channels.

  • 03.03.2024

    Automate replying to comments on your Instagram posts

    When the “Comment on your post” → “Public reply” trigger is enabled, your bot will automatically send your custom public replies to new comments on your posts.

  • 03.03.2024

    New chatbot builder features

    You can now select several chatbot elements to move or mass delete them by pressing “Shift” on your keyboard, as well as copy separate flow elements to other chatbot flows, and add audio and video messages via a URL.

  • 02.03.2024

    New “Bot greeting” trigger and flow for WhatsApp

    Use the “Bot greeting” trigger to automatically send a custom message to your users right after they enter a chat with your bot. It will be billed as a standard initiation of service conversation. Enable the “Welcome message” option in your Business Manager settings to set up this trigger and automatically send greeting messages.

  • 01.03.2024

    Select columns while transferring Telegram bot subscribers from other services

    You can now preview your CSV file before starting your contact import process to match your file columns with existing variables.

  • 01.03.2024

    Import WhatsApp subscribers from the email service’s mailing lists

    You can now upload your subscriber base from mailing lists that include phone numbers and send them campaigns, as long as the users have given you their preliminary consent to send them messages in accordance with the WhatsApp policy. If the imported contact doesn’t include a name, you can specify it in the “Chats” section.

  • 29.02.2024

    Limit AI bot triggering for one contact

    If you want to restrict the number of paid OpenAI requests for individual chatbot subscribers, you can now limit how often a contact can trigger the bot within a specific timeframe.

  • 15.02.2024

    Display commented Instagram posts in chats

    When the “Comment on your post” trigger is enabled, your chat will now include the direct link to the Instagram post your subscriber commented on.

  • 09.02.2024

    The new “Join a Telegram group or channel” trigger

    When this trigger is fired, your bot will send private messages to your subscribers as per your flow. For users who are not subscribed to your chatbot, other actions will be taken, for instance, “Notify me” or “Block in a group or channel,” etc.

  • 23.01.2024

    Exclude chats and groups from your Telegram campaigns

    At the last step of launching your Telegram campaign, you now have the option to exclude specific channels and groups from your recipient list.

  • 20.01.2024

    Pause WhatsApp flows until a certain date

    You can now pause your WhatsApp chatbot flows until a certain date and set a dynamic pause with a variable.

  • 17.01.2024

    Launch chatbot flows for recipients of a specific element

    You can now launch any chatbot flow to the recipients of a specific flow element. This option will help you continue your flow for contacts that reached a certain flow element, for example, signed up for a webinar or placed a pre-order.

  • 15.01.2024

    Perform bulk actions for your entire chatbot audience

    You can now select your entire audience to assign tags or variables or launch/delete flows.

  • 12.01.2024

    Use new OpenAI chatbot triggers in Telegram groups

    SendPulse-powered chatbots can now be triggered by @mentions, allowing them to reply to your subscribers’ questions based on your prompts. It will make your group chat communications much more convenient.

  • 08.01.2024

    Automate student enrollment

    With the updated “Action” element, you can now automatically enroll new students in your online course. Once your students reach this flow element, the system will add them to your list of students and send an email with their course login information.

  • 03.01.2024

    Assigning team members to deals in chatbot flows

    Through the “Action” element, you can now not only create and edit deals right in your chatbot flows but also assign your team members to them.

  • 01.01.2024

    List of blocked chatbot subscribers

    If you’ve made a mistake while blocking your chatbot subscribers on the “Audience” tab, you can now access the list of blocked users and get your subscribers back to active users.

  • 29.12.2023

    Additional user input settings for live chats

    When using the “Wait for subscriber’s response” option, you can now set display conditions for the “Skip” button: always or never.

  • 18.12.2023

    Filter subscribers by chatbot subscription source

    Your contact information section now includes subscription source data. There are five subscription sources available in total. Based on these variables, you can branch your flow using the “Filter” element or filter contacts in your “Audience” tab.

  • 18.12.2023

    Add notes for chat assignees

    You can now add notes for your team members (2,000 characters, including emoji). These notes are not visible to users — they are only available to chat assignees. Each note includes details on who added it and when.

  • 14.12.2023

    Block chatbot subscribers

    From now on, when you remove subscribers from your “Audience” tab, you can also block them. Any future chatbot messages from blocked contacts will be ignored.

  • 12.12.2023

    Accept crypto payments through a new payment system

    With our new Cryptomus integration, you can now add a payment button to your chatbots and landing pages to accept online crypto payments from users. This option is also available in our online course builder and CRM.

  • 05.12.2023

    Image generation in chatbot flows

    You can now generate high-quality images from text descriptions by connecting your chatbot to Open AI’s DALL-E-3 model. Just select the “Image generation” template from our gallery, and your chatbot will generate images based on user input.

  • 28.11.2023

    New Open AI integration

    We’ve added a new GPT-4-Turbo model integration, which uses fresh data for response generation and comes at a more affordable price point than the standard GPT-4. Also, we’ve added support for fine-tuning with ChatGPT models.

  • 24.10.2023

    Assigning a chat manager in your chatbot flow

    In the “Action -> Open chat” element, you can now assign or change a chat manager. This way, you can automatically distribute chats between your managers as your users go through your chatbot flow.

  • 19.10.2023

    Video messages in Telegram chatbots

    In Telegram, you can now add one-minute video messages to your chatbot flows and campaigns.

  • 18.10.2023

    Continuing WhatsApp chatbot flows by clicking buttons in template messages

    In your WhatsApp chatbot flows, you can now set up your regular buttons (not URLs) to trigger the next auto-reply upon click. Also, you have the option to select a specific flow that gets launched when users click a button in your WhatsApp template campaigns.

  • 18.10.2023

    Mathematical operations with variables

    You can now use formulas for your numerical values in the "Set variable value" field. It supports all basic operations, including multiplication, division, percentages, exponentiation, square root, sine, etc.

  • 17.10.2023

    A new "Comment" element in our chatbot builder

    You can now add comments and instructions for your fellow team members to clarify how certain flow or chatbot builder elements work.

  • 17.10.2023

    Advanced chatbot access settings

    You can now create custom user roles for invited users with the required permissions and restrictions.

  • 17.10.2023

    Assigning a chat manager

    In the “Conversations” tab, you can now assign a chat manager. All chats assigned to a particular manager will be displayed under the "My Conversations" tab.

  • 16.10.2023

    Language filter for Telegram chatbots

    You can now create chatbot flows based on users’ language preferences in the Telegram app.

  • 16.10.2023

    A new "Time" variable type and filter criterion

    You can now create the “Time” variable and use it for personalization, anticipating time-related data from users and segmenting your flow based on different time values.

  • 16.10.2023

    Deleting Telegram campaigns from users’ inboxes

    You can now delete outdated or accidentally sent campaigns from your Telegram chatbot to prevent users from viewing them.

  • 13.10.2023

    Waiting for contact data

    In the “Wait for the subscriber’s response” mode, you can now disallow text input and only accept contact info shared through the “Share contact” feature if you select the “Phone or Contact” validation type. This way, you can ensure your subscribers only submit their real contact information.

  • 22.09.2023

    Change deal statuses in chatbot flows

    From now on, you can edit previously created deals within the same flow. Change your deal status when a specific action is performed, for instance, when creating a request that a manager must approve.

  • 30.08.2023

    New standard “Catalog order” WhatsApp flow

    Once users place orders using your WhatsApp catalog, an automated “Catalog order” chatbot flow will be triggered. By default, it contains the “Action” element with the “Notify me” command and an automated response to a user.

  • 30.08.2023

    Waiting for a user’s video response

    Going forward, once a user sends a video file to your chatbot, your flow will be continued. Also, you can now reassign your deal right in the chat.

  • 29.08.2023

    Generating chatbot subscription pages automatically and using chatbot flow templates

    From now on, gathering chatbot subscribers will become easier: once you set up a new chatbot, our system will automatically generate a bio link page with a subscription button. You should also try our chatbot flow templates for different topics, tasks, and messaging platforms.

  • 07.08.2023

    Connect ChatGPT-16K from OpenAI to your bots

    Generate human-like responses in chats and personalize them based on the conversation topic and previous user messages using the new GPT-3.5-turbo-16k model.

  • 30.06.2023

    Speech recognition in chatbots

    Leverage OpenAI's automated speech recognition system, Whisper, to enable subscribers to send voice messages via your chatbot and receive instant replies.

  • 27.06.2023

    Free WhatsApp link generator

    Generate a WhatsApp link so that customers can contact you in one click. Add a pre-made message that users can click and trigger your chatbot flows.

  • 22.06.2023

    Live chats 🔥

    Add a live chat to your website and integrate it with chatbots to be in touch with potential and current customers 24/7. Online chat is integrated with other services of the SendPulse ecosystem.

  • 21.06.2023

    AI chatbot flow generator

    Be the first to build chatbot flows with AI! Describe what your scenario should look like and specify how many messages you want it to include. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to launch a ready-made Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, or Telegram chatbot flow.

  • 12.05.2023

    Working with CRM deals and contacts through the chatbot

    From now on, you can view the list of current deals, edit existing deals and change their statuses, as well as create new ones in the chat mode of the contact profile. You can also work with linked CRM contacts.

  • 09.05.2023

    Editing scheduled chatbot campaigns

    From now on, you can make changes to previously planned campaigns to make automated communications even more convenient. You can edit the newsletter’s content and its sending time.

  • 03.05.2023

    A new chatbot trigger

    Select the "Incoming message contains" trigger type to start the flow right after the keyword is present in the subscriber's message.

  • 17.04.2023

    Public API for Viber chatbots

    Integrate your system with SendPulse's Viber chatbot service to get detailed information about your account, followers, variables, flows and chats.

  • 16.03.2023

    Pause with a dynamic date

    Now you can tailor your Telegram chatbot flows to each subscriber: specify the pause duration until date using a variable of type Date or DateTime and personalize your communication.

  • 07.03.2023

    The ChatGPT model within chatbots and OpenAI integration

    This AI chatbot model is optimized for chat communication, understands its context, more realistically simulates human conversation, and allows you to use the chatbot as an assistant copywriter.

  • 22.02.2023

    Viber chatbots

    Set up automatic message flows, send campaigns, accept payments, and automate business processes using Viber chatbots.

  • 15.02.2023

    Message Cards in chatbot flows

    Cards are generated using the "API Request" block based on the data array from your server: a list of products, recent articles, or info about discounts. And for Telegram chatbots, you can use message cards also in chatbot campaigns. They are formed manually from text, pictures, and buttons.

  • 21.12.2022

    Updates in chatbots

    We’ve added a DateTime variable for booking day and time, implemented the use of variables on the payment button when specifying the amount, and fixed a flow stop due to an API request error. Updated the settings for skipping user input and extended the bot’s stop time in the "Action" block.

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  • 12.12.2022

    Chatbot integration with GPT-3

    This integration grants access to artificial intelligence that makes the chatbot's replies more human-like.

  • 27.10.2022

    Flow conversion

    If you copy and transfer a flow, for example, from a Telegram chatbot to a WhatsApp chatbot, you will see hints that highlight possible errors you need to fix.

  • 18.10.2022

    Accepting donations via chatbots

    Now you can accept non-fixed payments to receive donations via your chatbot.

  • 21.09.2022

    SendPulse Chatbots app update

    Now you can edit and delete messages sent by your Telegram chatbot. We have also changed the player for audio files sent by users, which allows you to listen to voice messages using the app.

  • 15.08.2022

    Multi merchants from one payment system

    If you have multiple accounts for accepting payments on one payment service, now you can select accounts while setting up payment methods for a particular bot, landing page, or course.

  • 05.08.2022

    Template messages in WhatsApp chatbot

    Use template messages in the WhatsApp chatbots and avoid the 24-hour session time limit. Also, send automatic messages at the right time using A360 and build flows with long pauses.

  • 27.07.2022

    Filter for dynamic dates

    Using the new filter, you can compare dates with subscriber's variables dynamic values and build communication based on this information.

  • 18.07.2022

    Send messages for a manually selected audience

    Select subscribers using checkboxes and send them messages from each necessary chatbot flow.

  • 07.07.2022

    GIF, video, and audio files in a chat

    Now the Telegram and Facebook chatbot functions allow bots to send GIFs, videos, and audio to the chat and recipients to open files in the messenger.

  • 25.05.2022

    Payment integration in chatbots with Liqpay

    Now bots can accept payments via LiqPay (Privat24).

  • 16.05.2022

    Notifications about user actions

    We’ve created a system Telegram bot that will notify you about important changes in your SendPulse account.

  • 13.05.2022

    New filter by payments for Telegram

    Now you can also use the "Filter," "Random," or "API Request" elements to start your flow and then send a message to users.

  • 04.05.2022

    Separate flow start block

    Now you can also use the "Filter," "Random," or "API Request" elements to start your flow and then send a message to users.

  • 28.04.2022

    Extended functionality for Telegram groups and chats

    You can now check if a bot subscriber is a member of your Telegram group or chat and block or unblock them.

  • 21.04.2022

    Requesting images and files from a user

    Your bot can request that your subscribers send an image or file and continue the flow once your chatbot gets it.

  • 30.03.2022

    Flow history

    Now you can view previously saved versions of your flow in the chatbot builder.

  • 09.03.2022

    New filters

    You can use new filters for your chatbot flows and audience: opened chat, incoming messages, unread messages, number of followers on Instagram, last activity, and more.

  • 10.02.2022

    Integration with Mercado Pago for online payments

    You can add a payment button to chatbots to accept online payments from users with your Mercado Pago account.

  • 01.02.2022

    Changes to WhatsApp pricing policy

    A new pricing policy for the WhatsApp Business API with a fee for business-initiated conversations enters into force. The first 1,000 sessions per month are free.

  • 12.01.2022

    More triggers for Instagram bots

    Automatically send a message via Instagram Direct to users who commented on your Instagram post or live stream.

  • 16.12.2021

    Integration with Stripe for online payments

    You can add a payment button to chatbots to accept online payments from users with your Stripe account.

  • 09.12.2021

    Payment statistics and filter

    In the payment system integration section, you can filter payments by date and view the number of payments and their amount.

  • 02.12.2021

    Transferring variables when subscribing to a chatbot

    You can transfer different variables to your SendPulse account every time a user subscribes to your chatbot via a widget or link.

  • 01.12.2021

    Product cards for WhatsApp

    If you have a product catalog in Facebook Commerce Manager, you can add a product card to your WhatsApp chatbot messages.

  • 25.11.2021

    New chatbot filters

    You can divide your bot flow based on new filters: whether a user follows your Instagram profile, days of the week, and the time a certain element was triggered. For example, you can use this option to send specific auto-replies to users interacting with your bot outside working hours or on weekends.

  • 05.11.2021

    Public API for Instagram chatbots

    Using our public API for Instagram chatbots, you can integrate your system with our chatbot service to collect information about accounts, bots, subscribers, variables, flows, and chats. You can also create campaigns, launch flows, and assign and remove variables and tags.

  • 07.10.2021

    Editing sent messages in Telegram

    We’ve added the possibility to edit sent messages in your Telegram chats.

  • 22.09.2021

    The “Story mention” trigger for Instagram bots

    Now you can send chatbot auto-replies in Direct to users every time they mention your company in their Stories.

  • 10.06.2021

    Continuing a flow without a user’s response

    Now your bot can continue the flow without waiting for the user's response. You can also set up a specific period to wait for user response.

  • 09.06.2021

    Buttons in WhatsApp bot flows

    You can use buttons to connect your chatbot flows — it’s allowed to add up to 3 buttons.

  • 20.05.2021

    Seamless WhatsApp connection

    You can connect your number to the WhatsApp Business API using your Facebook Business account in just 5 minutes.

  • 11.05.2021

    The “Random” element

    This element allows you to randomly divide your chatbot flow into scenarios. You can customize the recipient group size for each option.

  • 22.04.2021

    New communication channel: WhatsApp chatbots and campaigns

    You can now automate the process of communicating with your customers on WhatsApp by setting up campaigns and chatbots.

  • 12.03.2021

    Launching chatbot flows for an individual subscriber

    You can now see particular flows where a user is in the sending queue. It’s possible to remove them from this queue or launch a chatbot flow manually.

  • 18.02.2021

    Connecting messages in your chatbot flow without using buttons

    This option will give you more flexibility in your chatbot flows — send messages to subscribers after a fixed time without waiting for interactions.

  • 12.02.2021

    SendPulse Chatbot App for iOS and Android

    Our new app stores all of your bot chats with subscribers in one place, enabling you to keep in touch with them from anywhere.

  • 21.12.2020

    User payments in chatbots

    You can add a checkout button to your chatbot message templates and accept user payments to your PayPal and YooMoney accounts.

  • 08.09.2020

    The "API Request" element

    You can send POST/GET requests to external systems to get the required data and use it for your chatbot flows.

  • 13.08.2020

    The “Filter” element

    A new element, “Filter,” will allow you to branch your flow based on different criteria: variables, tags, campaigns received, etc. You can combine different filter conditions.

  • 22.07.2020

    Public API for chatbots

    Using our public API for chatbots, you can collect information about accounts, bots, subscribers, variables, flows, and chats. You can also create campaigns, launch flows, and assign and remove variables and tags.

  • 07.04.2020

    New communication channel: Telegram chatbots

    We’ve launched another communication channel so that you can use our chatbot builder to create a multifunctional Telegram chatbot. It can reply to your customer questions and collect their data.

  • 02.03.2020

    Waiting for the subscriber’s input data

    We’ve added a possibility to create polls and gather and store user data to use it in your next messages.

  • 04.05.2019

    Chatbot builder

    We’ve launched a full-fledged chatbot builder that allows you to create auto-reply flows based on keywords and time. To connect flow elements, you can use buttons and quick replies.

  • 14.02.2019

    Campaigns and chats in Facebook Messenger

    The first version of our messenger section: subscription widgets, chats with subscribers, chatbot campaigns, and bot auto-replies in Facebook Messenger.

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