Email address harvesting — is the process of collecting email addresses from different sources for sending illegal bulk email campaigns.

Where do spammers collect email addresses?

  • random sites and pages
  • paper and web forms
  • bought mailing lists
  • forums
  • white pages

Spammers use lots of methods to get bulk email addresses. They depend on their skills and method complexity.

Commonly Used Harvesting Methods

  • Mailing list purchase
  • Website hacking
  • Usage of special software or bots
  • Dictionary attack
  • Tempting with a freebie
  • Mailing list purchase. This is the easiest way to get the addresses. One spammer buys an entire list from the other spammer. Remember that once your email falls into the hands of spammers, your email address will travel from list to list.
  • Website hacking. This method implies hacking the database of a website that is likely to have lots of email addresses, for example, eCommerce. An online store is a good target because hackers may also look for credit card numbers.
  • Usage of special software or bots. These bots are called harvesters. They scrape the website code to find hidden email addresses.
  • Dictionary attack. This is an odd but effective harvesting method. Spammers try different addresses before the @ until they match any valid email address at the domain.
  • Tempting with a freebie. To get any freebie like an e-book, a user should enter an email address, but it doesn't mean a user wants to receive emails from this website. Spammers use these email addresses, as they prove to be valid.

According to the CAN-SPAM Act signed in 2003, email senders are to meet specific requirements. Otherwise, their actions will result in a penalty. Discover the main requirements in this article.

How does SendPulse suppress sending spam?

Before sending an email campaign with SendPulse, you are to activate your mailing list. Provide us with a detailed description of its source. After analyzing the proofs, we'll notify you whether your description is satisfactory. If not, we'll ask the owners of your email addresses to confirm their desire to receive emails from you.

SendPulse also provides an email verification tool. Use it to check if your mailing list contains invalid email addresses. With this tool, you'll stay out of the spam folder.

We strictly support Privacy Policy and Anti-Spam Policy.

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