Integration with Simple Giveaways

Email address, Mailing list, Third-party

Simple Giveaways — a plugin for WordPress that helps you create giveaways and contests for your website visitors. With the Giveaway builder, you can create a separate page describing the conditions, set the time of the giveaway, as well as show the rules for receiving the prize in order to share the link on social networks.

What Can you Do with the Integration?

When you activate the integration, the email addresses of customers who leave their contact details on the giveaway page are sent to SendPulse. In the SendPulse Automation 360 Builder, you can customize scenarios for working with contacts: send emails, copy contacts, filter contacts, set up conditions, and work with each contact in a personalized way.

How to Set up the Integration

  1. Log into your SendPulse account and create an event in the “Automation 360” tab. Copy the request URL.
  2. Log in to your WordPress account with admin rights, go to the “Plugins” tab, and click Add New. Search for "Simple Giveaways." Then, next to the plugin, click Install.
  3. Download the Givasap plugin and upload it to the Plugins section. To do this, go to the “Plugins” tab and click Load Plugin. Select the downloaded archive, and click Install. Then, click Activate Plugin.
  4. In the right tab bar, go to your WordPress account settings and select "Simple Giveaways Web Hook." Paste theURL that you created in SendPulse into the field.

Next, create new giveaways and subscribers will be automatically sent to SendPulse. To configure sending emails, create an autoflow. Choose the giveaway event that you created as the start element of your flow. Then, choose the “Email” element.

To save subscribers to mailing lists and send them campaigns, add the "Copy subscriber to mailing list" element next.

To segment recipients, add additional fields to the giveaway form that will be sent to SendPulse, and add the "Filter" element to the flow.

If you have any difficulties configuring the module, you can contact the Wordpress support service.

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