Odd-even pricing is a psychological pricing strategy that aims to shape customers’ perception of the value provided by a company. There are two opposite types of this strategy that fit different businesses.

Let’s make the difference between odd pricing and even pricing clear.

An odd pricing strategy involves putting an odd number at the end of a price, for example, $1,99, $2,95.

An even pricing strategy implies a price ending in a whole number or zero, for example, $2, $3,50.

Brands using these strategies strive to achieve different goals depending on their business size and target audience. Let’s discover why companies choose an odd-even pricing strategy.

Is odd-even pricing effective?

Definitely, yes.

Companies implement these strategies to appeal to their consumers’ subconscious. Let’s face it, sometimes each of us falls for the trick “$1,99 Today Only”. This makes us feel that we manage to save money, and it seems like an extremely profitable bargain. And no wonder!

Since we read from left to right, our brain considers the left part the most important, so when we see “$1,99”, we round it down to $1, which is definitely cheaper than $2. This frames our perception to a great extent. In this case, our subconscious murmurs to us: “This is a great bargain, don’t miss it!”. As a result, we buy more of a bargain than a necessary product. This strategy is widely used in retail and ecommerce. They often promote campaigns like “Shirts starting at $9,99”. Who would miss the chance to buy a shirt for less than $10?

However, brands using an even pricing strategy pursue quite the opposite goal. They don’t want their clients to feel like they are saving a lot by buying a product for $100. Such companies lay claim to being called an upscale brand selling premium products. Hence, they want their client to feel special and unique. This strategy helps brands build their identity.

Now, it’s time to see some examples.

Examples of Odd-Even Pricing

Banana Republic used an odd-pricing strategy to promote their spring dresses starting at $19,99. They included a wide variety of dresses into their email campaign to make this bargain even more appealing.

Odd pricing

Mattress Firm has a diverse audience, and it often uses an even pricing strategy. The mattresses are promoted as lux products, and that is why this pricing method is just to the point.

Even pricing

Source: HubSpot

Now you know what stands behind popular brands’ strategies. You can either choose one to maintain your brand reputation or combine them for better performance. Make use of SendPulse promotional toolsemails, web push notifications, and SMS to reach wide audiences.

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