Industry, within the scope of an economy, is used to define the production of goods or rendering services in a related sphere.

Several worldwide organizations suggest unified classifications of business and economic activities by the industry. Among them stands ISIC (International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities), sponsored by the UNO Statistics Division. At present, the classification of economic activities by industries, made by ISIC, is considered the most complete and well-arranged. 

In email marketing, the term industry means a particular sphere of business activity in which your subscribers are engaged. Referring to each subscriber to a specific sector within your mailing list will allow you to send relevant content within that industry. Conversion rates depend directly on the relevancy of the content subscribers are getting.

Segmentation of subscribers by industry also allows companies to see the industry average rates of openings, click-through rates, and delivery errors (or soft bounces). It is an optimal opportunity for them to compare the results of the email campaigns they are launching with the industry average rates. 

Thus, companies will be able to analyze the downsides of their automated marketing campaigns and work on their mistakes. If their automated email campaigns show better results than the average of the industry, it becomes clear that the chosen email marketing strategy is working well for them and so they can stick to it.


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