A gross rating point (GRP) is a ratio used to measure the influence of advertising campaigns on the target audience. It helps companies define effective approaches to reach target markets and allocate a budget.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of a gross rating point and figure out the measures you need to calculate this ratio.

Why is a Gross Rating Point Important?

GRP is an essential measure that enables businesses to assess the success of their advertising campaigns. It measures the number of campaign impressions and identifies the level of advertising delivery and exposure of a message. Media buyers use this percentage to determine the strongest components of their media plans.

A gross rating point is important because it helps measure the impact of advertising campaigns and messages on people who perceive it. The ratio can be leveraged for various forms of media such as radio, television, the internet, and billboards.

When having GRP, media owners know the approaches they should and shouldn't consider to win their target market. Moreover, it allows companies to allocate their resources to the development of the appropriate advertising campaigns that can effectively reach out to people.

So, now that you know why you need to take this measure into account, we’ll proceed to the calculations.

How to Calculate Gross Rating Point?

By estimating GRPs, media planners can uncover the number of impressions they managed to obtain through specific channels and campaigns. Media buyers can receive information on the audience they succeeded to reach and compare it with the population.

If you leverage various types of media and strive to find out the efficiency of your advertising campaigns and the number of impressions, see the formula below. It will help you estimate the ratio easily.

Gross rating point formula

Let’s take country A, for example. 60 million of its population are young people aged 20 to 33 years old. The firm’s owner decides to launch a campaign and see the results. It delivers an average frequency of 8 impressions to 1,000,000 young people.

So, let’s calculate GRP for this business by using the formula above.

GRP = (1,000,000 / 60,000,000) * 8 = 1.67% * 8 = 13.36

To sum it up, if it’s necessary for you to know the level of your campaign’s effectiveness, you calculate GRP. As a result, you’ll know the approaches that work well with your audience, choose the right channels, and deliver messages that resonate with your target market.

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