Anya Brui

Anya Brui

Hi, fellow marketer! I'm Anya and I love good design, travels, and rock. I'm here to share my insights with you and help you improve your marketing strategies :)

Six Simple Strategies for Mailing List Cleaning

July 16, 2018

Engaging as many users as possible in your email campaigns shouldn't be your A-list task. What is much more important is keeping a mailing list clean; in this way, you will create a healthy environment in your outbox. Read on to find out how you can manage your mailing list to make it sparkling clean.

Literary Devices You Should Be Using in Your Email Headlines

June 25, 2018

Creating catchy headlines is a true challenge for email marketing. Since it takes a user only about 11 seconds to read the whole email, you'd better advertise your content at once. How? Read on to find out the ways to reinforce your headline with various literary devices and make it a real attention grabber.